3 tips for a healthy breakfast

Breakfast choices on the run include (back row, left) milk, a strawberry-lemonade smoothie, (second row) a tall cup of cut-up fruit, ricotta cheese on a bagel topped with strawberries, Chex cereal with milk (in green container), (third row) a burrito, oatmeal topped with fruit and sliced nuts, and plain oatmeal.Previous Posts
August 26, 2013
August 20, 2013
August 12, 2013By The hustle and bustle of everyday life can be so overwhelming. Depending on the morning, sometimes you’re lucky if you make it to work on time.? When you have a?morning like that, the most important meal of the day is missed.? Skipping breakfast is a major no-no!? I understand sometimes you don’t have time to make the right choice.?Cereal is an?easy,?and quick, way to make breakfast.? But, let’s?make sure you’re?making healthy choices.? I have outlined some simple and helpful tips.?1. Avoid?Highly-Processed CerealsBack away from childhood favorites,Redskins Santana Moss #89 Jersey, you know the box with the tiger on it.?Processed?cereals such as Corn Flakes and any type of puffed cereals are quick but are also made from highly-refined grains?and low?in fiber. If your breakfast fix is a processed cereal, you may notice that you’re hungry an hour later.? Why? These cereals are digested very?quickly, causing your?blood sugar and insulin levels to spike and dip, leaving you hungry an hour or two later.?So, try to cut down on those sugary cereals.?2. Pick Cereals with Whole Grains and FiberThis will require just a little effort. OK?? Companies have gotten very cleaver with their marketing?tactics.?You can’t? just rely on claims printed on the front of the box.? To be sure you’re?buying a whole-grain cereal, read the ingredient list on the box.? The first ingredient should be whole wheat or whole oats –because whole grains are high in fiber which?slows the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream.? This helps keep your?blood sugar levels steady and your hunger under control.? So next time you’re in the grocery store look for a whole grain cereal.?3. D.I.Y.: Make Your Own CerealI do this every morning. I enjoy whole-grain hot cereals.?Old-fashioned oats?is?my favorite.?While it does take a little?longer to prepare,Redskins Jersey, these oats are minimally-processed grains with the lowest glycemic index of cereals.? To?save time in the morning,?I prep the night before by soaking my whole oats.? When I wake up the next morning, I?take the ?bowl out the fridge, microwave?them for two minutes?and breakfast is ready.? Sometimes,?oatmeal can be a little bland,Santana Moss Jersey, I like to add fresh berries,?and raw almond butter with a touch of cinnamon.?This a simple and inexpensive breakfast option.Start your morning off on the right foot by having a healthy breakfast.? As always consult your doctor before starting a new routine.? And remember, small changes turn into Big changes!About Madison James has always had the gift for gab. In the 4th grade kids would tease her, saying one day she would be the next Oprah.Connect with Madison James on:Send Madison James an .(9) Health video