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The Importance of Learning The American Accent Many foreigners who visit the U.S. or any English-speaking country, regardless of the purpose of travel, know how important it is to have an American accent. Being able to speak with an American accent opens up a lot of opportunities for someone who plan to relocate in for good or even on a temporary basis. Some foreigners may not see the importance in being able to speak like an American, but there are plenty of benefits in accent reduction and American accent training. There are several difficulties and problems that you may face when speaking with a foreign accent in the U.S. Unfortunately, some people in charge of hiring in the American job market are biased and discriminatory. People in charge of hiring are not being discriminatory on purpose, they just need to examine and scrutinize the qualifications of an applicant and possible employee. Hiring managers prefer not to select and employ someone who speaks English with a strong accent to avoid errors in communication that may lead to unfavorable results for the company. This results in minimized chances of being hired and less job opportunities for people who speak English with a strong accent. It is easy to feel out of place in an English-speaking country if you do not have the same language abilities like them. The possibility of communication gap between you and your neighbors is to be expected. This may not be due to your inability to speak English but rather you speak English with a different diction, pronunciation or intonation. Your self esteem may be deeply affected if you cannot connect with your English-speaking community. Feelings of inferiority may arise simply because of your inability to speak with an American accent.
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In order to avoid miscommunication, people who do not speak like a native English speaker make an effort to learn the American accent. A neutral-sounding American accent is vital in communicating effectively with other people in your neighborhood, and most importantly, professional communication in the workplace. Oral communication is a significant aspect of everyday life as an individual living in the United States and anywhere in the world.
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Speaking English with an American accent is a skill – a skill that can be learned fueled by your willingness to learn paired with the proper training and guidance. For people with English as their second language, it is best to enroll in an accent reduction training course which will help in improving skills in professional and corporate communication. Online courses are available for busy people and the best part is that it allows you to progress at your own pace.

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