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How to Trade 60 Second Binary Options
The process to trade 60 Second Options is the same as for any other type of Binary Options. The only difference is that when trading 60 Second Options, you don’t have to specify the expiry time. This parameter is already fixed and remains 60 Seconds, opcionesbinarias.pw regardless of the investment amount and type of asset.
You just have to select the asset you intend to trade in, assume a Call/Put position and enter the amount you wish to invest. Assume Call if you think that the price of the underlying asset will be higher than the current market price after 60 seconds. Conversely, go for Put if you predict that the value of the asset after 60 seconds will be less than the current market price. This is the most tricky and risky component of 60 Second Options. It is not easy to analyze the market movement for just one minute.
Once you specify all the required parameters, all you need to do is wait and keep your fingers crossed for the next 60 seconds. You never know what might happen after a minute.
Features of 60 Second Options
Although the process to trade 60 Second Options is quite similar to other types of Binary Options, the same does not apply to its features. There are several factors that make it stand apart from all others in the family of Binary Options. Some of the features are in favor of 60 Second Options, while others are against it. Following is a brief description of the pros and cons of 60 Second Options.
Pros of 60 Second Options
60 Second Options have lots to offer, especially for the experienced investors. If you are one of those traders who are accurate with their forecast most of the time, then 60 Second Options are definitely for you. This type of financial option is best for active and short term traders.
60 Second Options are ideal for highly volatile and strongly bearish/bullish markets. The next minute market movement is comparatively easy to forecast in such markets as you don’t have to analyze the stability of the underlying asset.
For example, when trading Gold through a 60 Second Option, you just have to predict the movement of the Gold market for the next minute. You don’t have to concern yourself about whether the predicted price trend would remain consistent or not. Moreover, the one minute prediction in 60 Second Options makes technical and fundamental analysis less time consuming to perform.
Cons of 60 Second Options
The 60 Seconds expiry is the major strength and advantage of 60 Second Options. At the same time, it is also the most risky pitfall of 60 Second Options. How much could the market value for any asset change in just a minute? A few decimal points may be. And it is not really easy to be that specific and exact in financial analysis. 60 Second Options require quick forecast and expert analytics which is not a genre of greenhorn traders. Summing up, 60 Second Options are not for new traders.
Another disadvantage of 60 Second Options is that they do not allow the use of Rollover and Double Up. These two are the advanced trading tools which minimize the probability of loss and double the profit in winning trades.
Wrap Up…
Like every other financial instrument, 60 Second Options have their own pros and cons. It is important to analyze them from both perspectives before getting addicted to them.