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New York’s great goose hunt is now underway, and is also expected to have a serious impact in reducing the Canada Goose population through the state. In fact, new rules instigated through the Department of Environmental Conservation can let the nearly 20,000 licensed hunters to kill up to 15 birds each day (up from 8 last year) during September. The hope is t lessen the level of geese from its current state-wide degree of 200,000 down to 85,000

Berks County Wildlife Conservation Officer Matt Teehan says that during late spring and early summer, he gets an increase in calls about nuisance wildlife. The main reasons behind these increased sightings and closer encounters are the birth of young as well as the parents’ efforts to make sure they’re fed. Problems arise when individuals feed wildlife and expose these to unnatural food sources, for example trash left outdoors for too long durations.

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