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Important Aspects Of An Asphalt Driveway

With regards to asphalt driveways whether for residential or commercial properties, there are some key elements that you have to look at which will either make or break its longevity and dependability. Most especially for commercial properties, proper installation of asphalt is extremely important for many reasons. Aside from the fact that this is a worthy investment, this at the same time safeguards the pedestrians and drivers as they enter the commercial property because of potholes and several other road hazards that aren’t present.

And aesthetically speaking, good installation of asphalt driveway is vital so by that, the commercial business will be prioritized and look professional. Just keep on reading to be able to know whom to trust for the installation services and also, to know what key elements you should look at.

Suitable foundation – the ground foundation is the first important aspect that must be considered. There ought to be a solid sub-grade and strong aggregate base for proper paving of driveway. In most instances, problems are taking place throughout the paving projects similar to when the sub-grade isn’t properly stabilized.

As an example, in the event that the ground is full of soft wet clay, then the contractor should remove or cover the clay with durable stone which act as reinforcement to the ground surface. And if you fail to do so, it may possibly result to cracking, buckling, crumbling and ever-increasing deterioration of the driveway.

Good drainage – to concrete and asphalt pavement, water is a major threat. With this in mind, it is crucial to have proper drainage when having asphalt driveway. The water should be drained away from edges of pavement rather than collecting or amassing on top of it. The water will not runoff properly to the sides and away from the driveway in case that there’s no slope to pavement. With this, it will make the water to seep in pores or open crevices of asphalt. When such thing happens, it can freeze, thaw and then expand the pavement, which can lead to problems such as crumbling, cracks and potholes.

Proper supplies – say for example that the wrong mixture of pavement is used to pave for the asphalt driveway, then rest assure that problems are bound to arise. Having the right mix of hot asphalt is extremely important since asphalt driveways are vulnerable to oxidation and weathering. Although opinions will be different among contractors and companies as to which kind of mix is ideal for such projects, the mixes must contain lesser air voids than the highway mixes. And to be able to look darker and smoother at the same time, it has to result in a fine aggregate finish.

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