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spoke die abroad in China Expeditionary Force, tears appearing in his eyes.More than one hour after the exchange, the volunteers confirmed the identity of the elderly veterans. “Judgment veterans rely mainly on verifying the identity of the time, place,abercrombie and fitch paris, people and events,abercrombie et fitch,” said Xue Gang, fully in line with historical facts about the old man, “and Nanjing Automobile Group an Army veteran events coincide.”Elderly always wanted to have a War Victory Medal,abercrombie pas cher, look what they have historical recognition. Xue Gang volunteer organizations for the elderly to wear produced “anti-fascist victory in the Anti-Japanese War Memorial Medal.

not enough time to react, he was hit on his left cheek and head parts. Has been carried out with a bandage wrapped in hospital later. According to Shi Shi Bo’s son introduced after the incident,abercrombie and fitch pas cher, the bus company has attended the day’s advance treatment costs, the cost of the invoice after reimbursement. Mr. Shi said he hoped the bus company to bear all medical expenses stone Bo, and pay these payments as compensation.Close upFemale white-collar head hitIt is understood that the injured female passenger surnamed Liang, 23-year-old. 12 o’clock noon yesterday, her family had heard about, waiting anxiously outside the operating room at the hospital. “In the morning she was still alive, I did not expect to go out less than 20 minutes out of trouble.” Trabecular brother Mr Leung said the incident happened trabecular sister sitting rearmost position, and therefore the most serious injuries. “The doctor said she produce intracranial pressure,guiseppe zanotti, organ also has shifted,christian louboutin soldes, the need for decompression craniotomy.”After the incident,air max pas cher, the Ministry of Personnel trabecular where the company also sent to the hospital to understand the situation and condolences. According to colleagues, trabecular recruited more than a year,hollister site officiel, engaged in garment design work,giuseppe zanotti sneakers, and very harmonious relationship between colleagues. Yesterday afternoon after the end of surgery,guiseppe zanotti, trabecular guardianship has been transferred to the ICU treatment,zanotti pas cher, but the situation is not optimistic. “The doctor said not too dangerous period,abercrombie fitch, there is no self-awareness.” Mr Leung said. According to reports,nike tn pas cher, a small Liangjia economic conditions in general,barbour paris, but the family is not yet worried about the issue of medical costs, “to not Guannameduo first people save up matters.”The reasonGenerate momentum gearbox screw off the road due to rebound afterYesterday Panyu District Traffic Management Station Master Xu introduced.

the volunteer charity organization traveled to Beijing to visit Weigongcun war veterans Mo Chen group,abercrombie soldes, and for the veterans to wear a homemade “War Victory Medal.”It is reported that on September 2,nike tn pas cher, Shenzhen Long Vietnam Foundation and Qihoo 360 companies, Boshi Fund co-sponsored war veterans looking for public action, this is the first war veterans visited the Beijing area.Deaf elderly can accurately recall the war experienceShenzhen Long Vietnam Foundation volunteers Xue Gang,veste barbour femme, the granddaughter looking for war veterans Chen Di message on his blog,abercrombie pas cher, after volunteers after verification, confirmation elderly war veterans.Weigongcun,abercrombie fitch, Building 27,hollister femme, Unit 3, 7 rooms, veterans Mo Chen groups live here.Today,doudoune moncler homme, the 93-year-old Mo Chen group has been deaf,abercrombie and fitch paris, volunteers can only write down the problem to the elderly look. Filed once the war years, the elderly loud voice.

someone buses letter from Panyu Jin Motor Transport Co. operations,abercrombie & fitch, they have to investigate the incident, confirmed that the event is a mechanical fault, not the people called “explosive.”Master Xu said that a preliminary investigation found that someone buses are rear engine and gearbox. Driving,louboutin femme pas cher, gearbox screws shedding,christian louboutin paris, resulting in a huge momentum after a rebound with the road happen. “Inside the car would have a cover, after being rushed to open the momentum,barbour shop online, which parts are flying out, crushing the rear passengers.” Master Xu said suspected gearbox cover fly hit the LiangXiaoJie head,christian louboutin paris, resulting in the injury serious. Meanwhile, the impact generated when the vehicle chassis parts sound,christian louboutin pas cher, plus rear car emitting smoke,barbour shop online, so let people mistakenly think that exploded. � public organizations spend millions of war veterans seeking TrackingBeijing News News (Beijing News trainee reporter Hou Runfang) War Victory Day just past,abercrombie and fitch pas cher, looking for war veterans pace continues. Yesterday.