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or about 75 yuan; four people sharing a car into the area, the effective fare is $ 25 one week,abercrombie and fitch pas cher, or about 158 � uan And currently.

rising costs” and other factors. This explanation, China Tourism Academy regional planning director Ma Xiaolong questioned.”With the rise in CPI, maintenance,abercrombie pas cher, labor and other operating costs will rise scenic, but this is only part of the reason prices go up. At present,hollister soldes, the rate of increase of tickets has far exceeded the rate of increase in the CPI, so this excuse some far-fetched.” He said.Earlier this year the National Bureau of Statistics data show that in 2011 the annual CPI increase of 5.4%. According to Ma Xiaolong calculation,magasin hollister, the tickets even by adjusting the three-year increase of 20% minimum standard, the average annual growth has exceeded 6%, higher than the CPI growth.Horizontal comparison: Foreign tickets cheaper than domestic?Earlier this year,hollister soldes, the British “Economist” magazine by “‘Big Mac’ informal economy index” comparing multinational scenic ticket prices. The index is the “scenic ticket price can be purchased at the local burger quantity” horizontal comparison. The representatives of the Louvre, the Kremlin,abercrombie and fitch pas cher, Fuji index: 2.87,2.47,barbour shop online,0 (Admission is free). Huangshan, Brahmaputra Grand Canyon,louboutin femme pas cher, Zhangjiajie is followed 14.94,zanotti pas cher,270 and 15.91.According to Wei Bin, France Louvre official website shows its permanent exhibition ticket fare is 10 euros,christian louboutin paris, or about more than 80 yuan; ticket was 14 euros, or about 120 yuan. At present,basket giuseppe zanotti, the core of Zhangjiajie scenic three days the effective implementation of the ticket price is 245 yuan.”Geological features famous Yellowstone National Park,hollister site officiel, hiking into the fare is $ 12 per person.

000 DepreciationFor dealers this interpretation, Mr. Meng said he could not accept. “If they start with a positive attitude to face this thing, I would not care about with them,louboutin femme pas cher, but their attitude too let me down,christian louboutin paris, and I am now asked them to give me a $ 50,doudoune moncler femme,000 reduction in depreciation charges, or I will take this way rights. “Mr. Meng said.For the requirements put forward by Mr. Meng,hollister abercrombie, Skoda 4S shop official said, and manufacturers need to decide after the communication aspects.Currently,air max pas cher, the matter is being further consultation.Newspaper reporter Luo sand intern Sun Jingjing”At the foot of the entrance ticket for a permit, according to the specified time to the summit,giuseppe zanotti sneakers, to import outside waiting for casual wear (not uniform clothing) tours,nike air max pas cher, sandwiched into the mix … 100 saves money.” Recently,magasin hollister, a called “the most comprehensive national attractions fare evasion Raiders’ fame. The word up to twenty thousand net posts a detailed list of Drepung.

China’s many tourist attractions several times raised ticket prices: Huangshan Scenic Area in 2002, 2005 and 2009 raised three times, season ticket prices from 80 yuan to 230 yuan; 2005 Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan core scenic tickets raised by 158 yuan 245 yuan, visitors can access numerous scenic spots in two days; in 2001, the Mogao Grottoes tickets by 66 yuan raised to 80 yuan, 160 yuan raised on the back.The price increases in order to involve the storm of interest, for example: after April 1 official price, Shandong Zaozhuang Taierzhuang city ticket rose from 100 yuan to 160 yuan; Hebei Zhaozhou Bridge attractions also raised fares; in addition,doudoune moncler femme, Jinggangshan, Slender West Lake and other scenic spots,magasin hollister, the price at between 5 to July.According to the way cattle travel Wei Bin, director of holiday products introduced under the 2007 National Development and Reform Commission issued a notice provision “Scenic ticket price adjustment frequency of not less than three years.” “After the promulgation of regulations,doudoune moncler femme, many scenic spots to make the first time around 2008 price this year has entered the last price adjustment after the lifting of the ban.” He said.Faced with public pressure, the person in charge of the attractions that the ticket price is due to the influence of “rising prices.

“We also got the car in December from Shanghai headquarters transferred over, and then it immediately delivered to Mr. Mongolia, there is no problem to sell used cars.” The official said,zanotti pas cher, because of the time the car is placed in the Shanghai headquarters of warehouse longer produce some unsightly appearance,chaussure louboutin pas cher, they deliberately vehicle had a “cosmetic” before delivery of the vehicle, “but it is definitely a new car.”The responsible person, in order to show them to Mr. Meng inconvenience, they are willing to free maintenance opportunity presented Mr. Meng several times to appease Mr. Meng.Consumers put 50.

Elephant Trunk Hill,parajumpers pas cher, Bay and other domestic dozens of well-known attractions of “fare evasion law.”Recently, the “scenic spots and more price increases” by the widespread concern,basket louboutin femme, “fare evasion law” reflects the prevalence of some people’s attitude. Some netizens joked,basket giuseppe zanotti, “fare climbing, scenery everywhere is despised.”According to media reports, the national 5A class in nearly forty percent of the ticket price located between 100-200 yuan, and another more than one percent of the 5A class fare has exceeded 200 yuan. Longitudinal comparison,barbour paris, China’s scenic spots, the average annual CPI growth exceeded gains. Horizontal comparison,basket louboutin femme, the similar spots higher than the level of foreign fare. Public appeal, tourist attractions tickets need to be more scientific and transparent pricing model.Longitudinal comparison: Tickets annual CPI growth rose overWay cattle travel network to provide data show that over the past decade.