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her hair was scorched,abercrombie and fitch, and had had burning. She said that was in the kitchen doing lunch, two small grandchildren playing in the house, and suddenly I saw the house has “scarred” sound, the corner of a wire sparks, she did not react, the fire has spread rapidly .Several neighborhood introduce downstairs and found upstairs after the fire,barbour pas cher, they end up extinguishing basin pails,moncler doudoune, because the house is on fire flames, the fire can not be controlled.Cai said her mother, she saw a large 6-year-old grandson ran out, she thought two grandchildren ran out. She had just rented the kitchen ran out the door,barbour paris, I heard little grandson in the house, “wah-wah” crying. She attend danger, rushed into the house, washed out her own grandson.Neighbors said the mother Cai either laid down his life to save his grandson, the child’s life is likely to lose.In the long voyage General Hospital,mulberry outlet, the reporter learned that the mother of the little grandson Cai forehead, hands and back were burned in hospitalization.Neighbors said that all houses built in the 1960s, the situation is more prominent aging wires. Currently, relevant departments cause of the fire is under further investigation.The 1st afternoon, Changchun, a boy money to go out to eat Spicy grandmother, disappeared after the family worried more than 50 hours after the baby finally home(Reporter Yang later years) at 15:00 on November 1st more than 11-year-old boy Xiaoyu grandmother want to go out to eat Spicy eight dollars,doudoune pjs, who knows the opinions and his family lost contact with family edgy, can find a place to find, still no sign of him.November 3,giuseppe zanotti sneakers, users @ “Baby come home – Zhang sister” micro-Bo said, “Thank you for your attention,moncler piumini, the child has been found,abercrombie milano, after more than 50 hours a child is abducted an elderly man.

and a young …! “Spicy eat boy disappearedYesterday,cheap louboutins shoes, Ms. Sun Xiaoyu aunt introduced Xiaoyu 11 years old,christian louboutin uk, but the intellectual and eight-year-old child almost, after dropping out last year, went to the one on one tutoring classes to learn the primary school curriculum. “Xiaoyu and his father live with her grandmother, who lives in the East Ring Road.”Ms. Sun said, Xiaoyu usually like to eat a Spicy neighborhood,abercrombie paris, at 15 o’clock on November 1 o’clock, when Xiaoyu and grandmother at home, the grandmother of eight dollars should go out to eat Spicy, the results to 18:00 much, but did not return home. Anxious family, went to the area surrounding the hotel, cafe, etc. looking for, but did not see the child’s sight. To 10 pm, desperation, to the district police station for help.10 hours,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, 15 hours, 20 hours … Xiaoyu did not go home. Xiaoyu grandmother.

aunt and father have been exhausted,boutique louboutin paris, but they are still strong cheer,abercrombie, looking for their teeth.Find good people to help children”My child height 1.3 m, wearing flower jacket, dark pants, this is his picture.” November 2, Xiaoyu’s father, aunt again traveled to relatives and friends at home,barbour pas cher, or did not find Xiaoyu. They search notices posted in the streets, and still be holding a child’s photograph, asking passers.”The children could not find,christian louboutin, and we are really in a hurry.” Ms. Sun said, so she moved, there are a lot of well-meaning people take the initiative to help them,abercrombie france, “the owner of a hotel that we are looking for children to take the initiative to come, the child’s photo shot down, saying it was going to be sent to the Internet, helping to mobilize everyone together to find.