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but also said that there are still immature at the machine. Some young men and women to come to the dressing also said that this machine where you can choose the style or too small, and the buttons in the “handbag” There has not been an “inventory.” Men like only about 10 models, there is more than a few women,abercrombie and fitch, so their online purchase and payment function is difficult to reflect its advantages.But it is worth noting that people who come to experience also includes some couples party with a couple of the party, the two take turns dressing into battle, but also gain the fun. Many gay men said that this machine is to a certain extent they are liberated,hollister italia, that the other half of shopping without having to accompany the “pain.” Yu said, “usually accompanied his wife would visit shopping day, and finally nothing to buy into,nike air max 1, and I spent a whole day,hogan sito ufficiale, and cumbersome and laborious. Such a machine if elected to allow his wife to her favorite style but also immediately pay,modelli hollister, then I want to buy a home in such a fitting machine up! “Another Lin also said that usually accompanied his girlfriend to walk around a room another shop, have had fatigued not to mention the addition of holidays outside people.

such as the girlfriend trying on clothes is a torment. “This is the time and effort!” Editor: Wu Carven(Original title: Virtual dressing machine into the first man shouted shopping Guangzhou accompany the li � reporter JokeToday reported Zhengzhou hearing yesterday, Lee reflected the public, the people in the park next to the windmill, a beauty salon than a dozen staff engaged in activities, male employees pro park lady, female employees in the men’s pro park.9:00 yesterday, reporters rushed to the scene saw two lines of neat team, full of handsome Way,tn requin, there are 15 people or so. There is a man like their leader. These people appear to have aged about 20 years old.There was a girl from the team came out, saw a man of about 40 years after, came to him saying: “! Uncle, I beg you to let me kiss it.” The man was not slow to God, the girl had already pro leans over his face. Subsequently, the girl from his pocket a piece of paper that says a beauty salon.According to the site, a crowd of men said,barbour homme, “8:00, these handsome Way had begun their activities kiss a girl shouting slogans, ‘I am not a normal person,abercrombie london, I’m shameless,’ I later learned that the original They are the beauty salon to engage in activities, activities have kissing,barbour pas cher, hugging, etc. Also to be 10 dollars. “Reporters at the scene interviewed a man, the man said:. “A young girl kiss me,nike tn, I am certainly willing, and the first time I encountered such gestures.

” an approximately 30-year-old woman claimed, “This to help people is crazy, perverted. This is a serious sexual harassment. They are too low level boss. “11 o’clock yesterday morning, the people’s park district police station rushed to the scene after hearing the news, in the case of no avail to persuade the police had to put them into the police station.Recently, in the Suzhou Yangcheng Lake police station area, a company peninsula dangerous scene occurred: the suspect knowing hou trachea blasting machine they use may cause harm to the case of people.

“This feature saves the user a lot of time shopping.Good deedSo fitting indeed save time and effort and the other half do not have pain accompany shoppingVariety locker machine, naturally attracted the attention of countless people in the past and “pro card.” Then a mother and daughter walked in front of the machine, my mother stopped her in person for the role-playing function experiments, “a second change princess dress” kicking the side of the daughter laugh. Later,abercrombie paris, the mother Lee also led to his elderly mother, to come and experience the fun of the locker.Many people said that this is very new and interesting experience fitting.

in order to open a small joke,parajumpers paris, still the trachea the victim’s buttocks with a colleague Kim blowing,moncler piumini, causing Kim visceral injuries were identified,tn, Kim injuries constituted body injuries, hou therefore be treated according to the law.September 18 16 am, the company employees are ready to work dress, because of work reasons, workers will spray the ground work before blasting machine with high-pressure air gun,christian louboutin for cheap, the use of wind power from the ground bounce himself to remove dust,woolrich, this Airsoft lot of pressure, once spray it against the body’s skin, the muscles will be significantly depressed, accompanied by intense pain, so the plant is also a clear use of this provision,abercrombie, when the workers are also very careful to secretly use. Hou and Kim are the factory workers, the day after the dust is also prepared to help each other work,tn air max 2014 pas cher, but when the dust after Kim helped the trachea handed hou hou, hou suddenly thought of a joke and the other, so that he pain in the ass about, so do not pay attention while Kim.