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the reporter read out the touching true feelings from the diary.”October 16, 2007, I went to Shanghai Changhai Hospital referral submandibular gland cancer for the first time after surgery, when the doctor advised me to go to the referral within three to six months, but in order to cure his wife’s illness, I still did not go, Because my wife is also a bone cancer patient, I decided to give up treatment,abercrombie chemises, the limited money to save him! “when turn this diary, Pan Aihua tears.Pan Aihua told reporters that in 1970 she had villus epithelial carcinoma, and then transferred to the lungs, after a year of rehabilitation treatment in Shanghai. During his illness, the former wife busy busy work while take care of her,hollister homme, the people became tired skin and bones. “Without him.

and his younger brother the same year won the World Youth Chess Championship under 10 years age group women’s champion. In the most beautiful time, the two American television who have been invited to do reviews for the then top chess tournament. Jeff fearless even threatened to challenge the world champion Gary? Kasparov.Great future seemed at hand. However,hogan milano, 11 years old,abercrombie, Jeff suddenly disappeared. This and “Vanity Fair” magazine published an article about. Article revealed that Jeff’s father Mike is an abused child, “tyrant”,escarpin louboutin pas chere, often violence against children and his girlfriend,air max bw pas cher, and the rights of children deprived of normal education.Previously,hogan scarpe, Mike in the public eye is an “alternative” father. He is a freewheeling hippie to the car at home, let the children out of school, receiving his education at home. Overall, despite his anti-traditional, but still not harm the child. Can “Vanity Fair” article was issued, immediately caused an uproar,manteaux abercrombie and fitch, Jeff and Julia were taken away children’s institutions. A few days later.

I could not survive!” After rehabilitation, Wu Hongshun more attention to her, so do not even cook her.Finally, the couple were from Danyang agricultural machinery and textile plants retire, I did not expect bad luck come again. November 20, 2006,jeans abercrombie and fitch, Wu Hongshun feel particularly back pain, she took his wife to the hospital to check Danyang, when she took his wife suffering from bone cancer inspection report, was shocked when his wife is about to “cheat” to go home,chaussure louboutin pas chere, four to raise money,sneaker hogan new interactive, collected over one hundred thousand yuan after the 21st morning, arrived in Shanghai Pan Aihua Wu Hongshun pulled Changhai Hospital treatment. She also felt uncomfortable submandibular gland, but also to do a check, the results of a greater blow before Pan Aihua: himself diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the upper jaw.Pan Aihua according to the doctor’s request after the surgery, the thought of leaving money to treat his wife,escarpins jimmy choo, four days late stitches on the back of Danyang. The doctor told her, three months after Wu can not walk, “I was determined not to waste their money! Certainly take good care of him, even if their first death, and let his wife live!” (Excerpt from the diary) Wu soon admitted to the hospital for treatment of Danyang.

Until last year, the European Poker League, he comeback, invincible in the series a few races and achieved success.From chess prodigy to Poker King, Jeff’s story is a legend.20 years ago,jordan pas cher, when Jeff also wore “chess prodigy” aura, he is the darling of the media chase.Since 1986 to become world champion, this Canadian boy has become “Maple Leaf country” and “Hero.” July 1 each year National Day celebration as a fixed program, he will be in front of the parliament building in Ottawa,hogan outlet, and with 40 chess players,moncler outlet, many of which the vast majority of players older than him. Jeff in his face painted with oil on canvas,hogan scarpe, from time to time to the surrounding crowd of people to do a playful grimace. He later admitted in an interview, it was the happiest moment of his childhood.He and his sister Julia are New York’s famous Manhattan Chess Club Free Membership. Julia was on a rising star.

Berlin has won 110,000 euros …Yes, he is the year that the sensational chess prodigy. After experiencing 20 years of life of anonymity, now 32-year-old Jeff finally decided to face the media. He is currently working with British director Gordon? Anderson, remake his personal biography. The film will reveal the truth of his childhood, walking Europe’s “anonymous” Years and complex emotions of love and hate between him and his father’s. ? WASHINGTON Danyang Fuyang three villages of Yunyang town has retired couple, three years ago, the wife of Pan Aihua found suffering from jaw cancer, her husband Wu Hongshun is found suffering from bone cancer. Because of the limited economic capacity, 64-year-old Pan Aihua secretly abandoned the treatment. Under her meticulous care, 72-year-old Wu Hongshun condition has improved.While in the care of her husband, Pan Aihua also wrote many articles diary. Yesterday.

the two men ran away, then disappear without a trace.20 years, no Jeff? name “Wild” on. Until last year, the European Poker League, a Canadian players frequently appeared at the poker table. This is a strange face on his shirt was embroidered with the name of a long absence,air max femme, “Jeff? Sa Weier.”Poker table, he is astute cunning, frequent style all their own, as if seen through the opponent’s mind can always lure them into their trap and eventually hand over hand over hand chips. His triumph all the way, win �9,000 in prize money Prague,louboutin pas cher, Tallinn stand to win �30,000, Warsaw won 25,000 euros, Portugal Mora Station won 156,000 euros.