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Chen Snow couple making a big decision – all sons of organ donation.Surgery may be performed continuously overnightSnow couple from Chen proposed organ donation moment, Huo Feng General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Command director of hepatobiliary surgery began another round of intense busy – race against time to find an organ recipient. Huo Feng told Yangcheng Evening News reporter, liver and other organ donation recipients can automatically search through the national organ allocation sharing system, soon matched,scarpe hogan, and now in Guangdong, Beijing,hollister pas cher, Wuhan,woolrich parka, have found a heart recipient,abercrombie roma, the Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital There are patients who are waiting to communicate with the families affected by the ongoing operation time, and the need for a re-lung transplant patient Wuxi, last night, the experts have the opportunity to Wuxi aspects night went to Guangzhou.Huo Feng said.

once you start the operation, it means different places at the same time more than one operation at a time to be ready. At the same time, the field to transplant experts also consider the return flight of time,woolrich italia, and must not be more than six hours of time.Experts say that such donations are rareIn the hospital, the reporter saw of human organ donation registration form, Chen Snow next couple of all organ donors are listed on the table ticked: kidney, liver, heart, lung, pancreas, small intestine, and cornea, ” We are willing to donate all free, my son will support us to do so. “Mr Snow words with condensate choke.According to the General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Command hepatobiliary surgeon Li Peng.

nothing new.@ Porcupine Chomsky: No, really,doudoune pjs, I’m coming with that book, the content is generally attack other English textbooks are all piracy, it is my genuine, you have to buy me,woolrich milano, there are a variety of video machines electronic dictionary advertising,sweat hollister pas cher, several pages before school on tired to see that,tiffany roma, with the look fiction.RelatedZhushanxia a couple making a great love and full of grief decisionJun Cai Keming was a handsome guy Shaoguan gas,moncler outlet, June 27, this is his 19th birthday. However,hollister, this is a day of warmth and blessing, after an unexpected accident halted: Two days ago,hogan, the doctors declared him brain dead. His mother Chen Snow in the eve of the birthday of grief, made a firm decision: his son’s organs donated free of charge to all.”Let his life in someone else’s body to continue, so that I could feel he was still alive, I hope people know that he had been there to help extraordinary,hollister soldes france, someone will miss him.” Yesterday, the General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Command, the Chen Snow ditan loudly: “May all people to get my son organs, health and longevity.”19-year-old boy died in a car accident brainJune 8 afternoon,tiffany milano italia, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter at the General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Command clinic saw Chen Snow.45-year-old Chen Snow said the family is Shaoguan Lingtou Village Long Tai Wai Sin Town Wengyuan group of people rely on farming, sellers for a living, the family of three children, the eldest son took over to make a big stall,moncler pas cher, two daughter in Guangzhou Institute freshman, the youngest son graduated from junior high school drop out Cai Keming.

at a local hotel as a waiter.June 3 at 6 pm, Cai Keming motorcycle to a friend’s house for dinner, driving to town six Wengyuan County, Cai Keming and a motorcycle crashed head-on, then the other side to see him speak, able to walk, no bleeding, no report, did not call an ambulance, but called Cai Keming lose money lose the car. Isochronous uncle rushed to the scene, Cai Keming has failed him up. Night after 8:15, was sent Wengyuan County People’s Hospital,tiffany orecchini, underwent craniotomy twice, before losing consciousness Cai Keming said to his mother’s last words: “Mom,woolrich outlet online, I’m dizzy, want spit, called uncle and uncle to pick me up early. “June 5, the doctor said Cai Keming impossible woke up, already brain dead, and wants us to be mentally prepared. June 6, three experts from the General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Command were identified again determine brain death. At this point.

China situation a class that meets internationally accepted “brain-dead organ donation” standard, refers to patients who meet the disappearance of brain waves, nerve reflexes, irreversible brain damage, such as a series of diagnostic criteria.