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a text written: the fall of 1368, the emperor army Most scored overthrow Yuan Empire, has overcome the northwest, northeast and southwest of the vast region, the original of the ruling Mongolian People expelled to southern China. The late emperor of the Yuan Dynasty Huan Wen properly affixed Harmony Hill by eight brothers were later scattered, fled south, where five brothers fled west Sichuan career. 1374, the court sent troops to Sichuan Zhengchao,abercrombie et fitch, five brothers were tracked Feng Liu Riverside Bridge (now Jialing River Aikawa area), decided to dissolve the self-survival Road, vows poems: “This is the Yuan Dynasty imperial family,doudoune femme moncler, Hongjun chase loose Sichuan Ya . Willow shore each break, Feng Liu bridge Wickers Sam, separate ways to settle down. bitten finger blood book characters, play sand marks teardrop eyes open,doudoune moncler pas cher, and their descendants remember verse eight, five hundred years ago,abercrombie france, is one. “5 brothers, one surname Tan, drifting in Fengjie region today,piumini moncler, 240 years to settle,hollister online, multiply nine generations of descendants.Qing-Hong years,hollister soldes, Qing Fuming destroy the remnants of the investigation, Tan Kai Luan dive to bring dependents pengshui Xiatangkou, lived in sheets to help Mohist. Because Zhang’s wife surnamed Tan, they claim kinship to help identify ink for Uncle Zhang, and its name, renamed Pan Gui. The couple have three children.

who is only 24 years old, this young man Jingzhou declined an interview request. Doctors tell the reporter, baby father said that if one day the other children to continue to look at this beautiful world for the baby,woolrich uomo, the family is relieved. “According to seniority count,air max pas cher pour femme, I was the 28th generation descendant of Genghis Khan.” Yesterday, talking about his family history, 76-year-old ZHANG proudly. He said,ciondoli tiffany, and he was born in the same village PengShuiXian Xiangjiaba Luming Zhang, surnamed Tan Second, there are more than 1500 villagers are descendants of Genghis Khan.Reporter very confused � Deer Township.

one Zhang Qiao, a tan can, a bucket,air max pas cher pour homme, later moved to Luming Xiangjiaba settlement.”Mongolia, Sichuan,” a book reads: “Ming, some garrison commander and military families southern Mongolia, Anhui, Jiangsu, Changsha, with red scarves uprising, the rise of the emperor of the Yuan Dynasty royal family moved north can not be moved northwards , then retreated to a regional Mongol rule. live in Changsha,moncler outlet, Wuhan (ie Tan state) of a lineage Tuolei troops, after the withdrawal of the state from Tan along the Yangtze River,tiffany italia, the Yangtze River region in Wanxian, Zhong, Kai and Youyang, Xiushan, columns, etc. pengshui mountains, surname Tan, a few flowers surname, Zhang, I … only pengshui a village (the village) to about 1.

Pa why PengShuiXian called to the home village of Mongolia? � Zhang, surnamed Tan claimed two Mongols what basis? � octagonal temple was built in the village when, where people built? � whether the Mongolian villagers Sulu village festival? � Zhang, surnamed Shi Chuan Tan two genealogy some what? � surnamed Zhang Tan two descendants of Genghis Khan claiming what basis?Reporters found � According to the fifth national census, the county pengshui 590,woolrich arctic parka,238 people, of whom 1871 Mongolian people, mostly living in rural Luming Xiangjiaba. � legendary Mongolian ancestry poem eight sentences eight brothers broke up,doudoune moncler homme, Xiangjiaba adults and children can recite more. � ZHANG grandfather Zhang Dun three said Xiangjiaba Mongolian plains village people then practice riding and shooting venues. � octagonal temple village had to have a horse for clay horse, the annual ritual tribe, were destroyed during the Cultural Revolution. � annual Lunar New Year on February 17, the village of Mongolian people should get together over Sulu festival. � Second, surnamed Zhang Tan build a shrine, housing structure similar style yurts, the tribe died, writing on the envelope to the ancestors of Genghis Khan as written; the homes of villagers couplet content on tablets are “drawn by the ancient Shang Yuan Meng Yaozu …” and so on.There is a Mongolian village pengshuiZHANG born in Deer Township PengShuiXian to the village,tn air max 2014 pas cher, inhabited here Zhang, surnamed Tan, two more than 1,500 Mongolian people, locally known as the Mongolian village.According to the fifth national census, the county pengshui 590,238 people, including 273,hollister soldes,488 Hmong people, Tujia 74,591 people,hogan outlet, 238,264 people Han, Mongolian 1871, Hui 523 people, 60 people … Uighur minority population, Mongolian for third place, mainly living in rural Luming Xiangjiaba.November 1984, the second phase of pengshui “greenery Xuan” magazine “tears of blood coagulation poem, hidden way place Tianjiao – Xiangjiaba Mongolian origin expedition mind” (referred to as “inspection record”).