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thank you,abercrombie firenze, but also look forward to your place to say relieved, they are not cost too much to say, but if you really pay attention to it can be done,barbour paris, it should Hunger breeds such an important matter should be arrested. We come back to look at the inside of the report, in fact, we can see the report, a major report will be appropriate to improve food safety award amount, not exceeding $ 200,000, in fact, if you really relate to the lives of many people, especially really great then I think this ceiling should be a breakthrough, and should inform all those involved in the food production process, let them know this, so there is a problem encountered when he is willing to themselves, but also for the safety of others the courage to put this things to be exposed.Xinhua Hefei November 18 Nisshin media news (reporter Yang Yuhua,hogan interactive uomo, Chen promise) of the Road Traffic Safety Law stipulates that drivers must carry a driver’s license and car driving license. But in Anhui Province, according to local government regulations in the future also carry a driver from the traffic police department in cooperation with banks and corporate issuers of traffic safety information card, or face a fine of 50 yuan. This caused a lot of strange things local people questioned.Disguised strong push traffic safety information card, apply for a replacement driver’s license must first do the information cardAll subjects had got Anhui Anqing City area should show just recently passed the exam motor vehicle drivers, but encounter difficulties in applying for a driver’s license Shique: You must complete a driver’s traffic safety information card application form, in order to successfully take the driver’s license. In this regard, she had got very unhappy: “I’ve never heard of a license and renewal but also the first to do traffic information card, which is not mandatory disguise it?”Ms. Zhou question raised is being implemented in Anhui traffic safety information card issued for motor vehicle drivers. From the beginning of July this year.

Professor Cheng hello.Zheng Fengtian:Hello.One person:Whether you think this punishment can be like a lot of people start getting expect, should the penalty of such enterprises Routeng, but if not willful negligence, then the future of our food safety when it comes to whether it should be with the most severe punishment?Zheng Fengtian:Indeed we have been saying that the food should have a punitive damages, as intentional, he has said in the past that our national food safety law costs too low, so companies was reckless,hogan, if you have such a punitive damages,doudoune femme moncler, especially malignant intentional a practice, these companies may have an effect as management called hot stove effect.

the full implementation of the card in cooperation with the Anhui Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China,magasin abercrombie france, Anhui,orecchini tiffany, Anhui Green Valley Information Technology Co., Ltd., distributed free of charge to this provincial motor vehicle drivers a smooth peony credit card.A city in Anhui Vehicle Administration.

hot stove,hogan rebel, glowing red, you touch a lifetime never to touch,tiffany milano, especially such a large enterprise, related to the food we eat, so I think how to punish the regulatory authorities should not be like this in the past,hogan olympia uomo, so that companies do not feel the pain that can only be.One person:In fact, in addition to the punishment outside,hollister soldes, how to use high-tech now more effective way to implement a more secure monitoring and management of the entire process, listen to Shanghai Food and Drug Administration of the relevant person in charge have also expressed their views.Yan Zujiang:In future,parajumpers homme, we use a more scientific approach, such as full electronic surveillance,hollister soldes, for example, the whole of sop (SOPs) of the regulation,outlet tiffany, so that he will not do bad things in every aspect, not making false.One person:In fact,hollister, a few years ago to start Ding said Netease pig, give us a pretty big expectation is that I monitor the entire process,hollister pas chere, from the piglet,ciondoli tiffany, has been brought up to monitor the whole process I can come out and say this food also can not secure it, but later found that this thing is now to implement the degree not so high, Professor Zheng degree did you think the implementation is so high, what is the degree of importance to us it is not enough, or is it costs too much?Zheng Fengtian:I think it should not cost a thing, and now the cost of the entire set of electronic devices, with the rapid development of the electronics industry increasingly low cost.

it should be no big problem. The core is not mandatory that you let him do so, as in the past a lot of European food safety events, corporate transparency in the production process of self-initiative, I’ll let you know my part of the whole production.One person:That means you witness innocence.Zheng Fengtian:Right, witness innocence, I do not take the initiative to look directly regulators, so that consumers can I see my whole monitoring.One person:Then you draw a sample from time to time,abercrombie, you are a complete chain of sample.Zheng Fengtian:Right, so it is a good thing for business.One person:Do you think it possible?Zheng Fengtian:Food chain is very long, but in the key, such as first-line shop, such as the procurement of key raw materials, you do such a regulation is possible because the whole electronic cost is not particularly expensive.One person:Well, thank you very much Professor Cheng brings us to resolve.