abercrombie firenze the old town is flooded ruins of an old problem

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the protection of earthquake rubble into a dispute more than once because of funding problems. In 2009 the relevant departments to submit a “Beichuan Earthquake Museum planning and overall program design”,abercrombie firenze, the estimate site museum project investment of about 2.345 billion yuan. This huge number a disclosure that sparked controversy.Then the program has been adjusted. “Headquarters” propaganda of the master State explained that the relevant departments in Sichuan Province in 2010 approved the “5.12” Wenchuan Earthquake memorial and site protection engineering,hogan, total investment reaching 670 million yuan, in place only after the substantive fiscal comment funds 470,nike tn,000,abercrombie pas chere,000 Yuan. These investments include the construction of an earthquake memorial project.

an earthquake ruins sanctuary and Qushanzhen reconstruction Renjiaping town. “Online ‘several hundred million boondoggle’ argument is simply nonsense.”King Wells admitted,basket zanotti, the old town is flooded ruins of an old problem,louboutin femme, basically have flooded once a year. First, because the old Beichuan County is located in a ditch two mountains valley,moncler pas cher, low-lying; secondly after the Wenchuan earthquake, the hills around the old town is easy to form landslides.

plus floods wash from time to time, are particularly sensitive to changes Lily Ann original appearance of the site area. “The grass looks particularly fierce, the House has become increasingly fragile, often need to use bamboo to support the original credit union building has a bell tower,woolrich, when the earthquake pointer to stay in 14:28,braccialetto tiffany, but slowly rusting bell frame collapsed. To protect the site ah. “the old man’s speech was full of regret.In the “Command” Liu Qiang, deputy commander seems,orecchini tiffany, love Lily Ann and the old town, especially people moving flesh and blood,woolrich italia, which is a lot of people have the quality of Beichuan. “Ruins of the old town of Beichuan people emotional sustenance that place, which is a public cemetery. If you have family members were killed in the earthquake, he will be asked to repeal this ruins it?”Waste deposit sites of contentionGreat efforts to protect the earthquake ruins in the old town of Beichuan harsh terrain feasible? Not the first time to protect the site into a dispute because of funding problemsDuring heavy rains in Sichuan, an opinion storm also over the ruins of the old town of Beichuan has not yet been scattered. Online question for the preservation of Beichuan earthquake site make sense to invest hundreds of millions of voices come and go. Is to continue to spend money to save or let it die a natural death? Each holding views play the bickering.In fact.

“Reception staff visited the public also called taboo visitors as “tourists”, “The people are totally unacceptable ‘tourists’ argument,collane tiffany, this is their family graves.”Lily Ann said that the annual Qingming, “5.12”,hollister kids, “Halloween”,woolrich parka, the Spring Festival,gioielli tiffany, or the victims of a birthday, a large number of locals come to worship the old town relatives, but he also found that people who come to worship every year gradually less,abercrombie roma, “Maybe the wounds heal slowly, and to adapt to a new life.”Data “command” provided, each year about 40 million people come to worship,christian louboutin pas cher, of which 20 million are in Beichuan or Mianyang locals.Start “grave keeper”,moncler outlet, the Lily Ann per night patrolling the old town, in the dark silence of the county to go over and over again. “Where the wind suddenly bang when heard, colleagues fear death, I was very calm. I told them that all their relatives and friends, there is nothing to fear it.”Over time.