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ammunition, and three years imprisonment.

according to Wang Zhao Qin,abercrombie fitch, said she and her husband the fact that he usually hit temporary workers in the local town, the family has two pigs, two cows, there are two bungalows, although there are two sons, but also considered can solve the basic living guarantee. Two people together to sell two of everything, can Couchu about $ 100,000 in medical expenses, but this foreign body craniotomy surgery, it is totally inadequate. � News LinksThe modified gun huge destructionApril 2009,felpe hollister, Xishuangbanna Forest Public Security Bureau police busted a hideout gun system when using the gun seized three guns out of refit, range 80 m. According to police investigators at the time, in the renovation market gun available everywhere, but after modification criminals, has become a firearms and powerful lethal.September 2012, Chen Fujian modded with a gun for hunting firearms,tiffany milano, the masses, Chen was arrested, was sentenced to three years imprisonment, suspended for four years.According to industry sources, such modified firearms with gun, modification is simple,air max femme pas cher, powerful, low price, and even push with gunpowder,chaussure louboutin, and bullets are not the same,barbour pas cher, at present, this firearms investigation.

medical aid for normal medical expenses caused by the accident is not among them.How serious is the injury? Infection, it may be life-threateningQueensland attached to a hospital ENT Dr. Tang said that the small British gunshot wounds, due to metallic foreign body into the nasal cavity, nasal passages, eyes, skin also have more serious trauma,woolrich parka, facial deformation. Now mainly for wound debridement, dressing, infection control, the local infection under control. If you do not spread to the whole body,barbour paris, will consider intracranial foreign body removal surgery, and then the nose, eye shaping. If there is infection,basket nike, uncontrollable, then it may appear intracranial infection, spread throughout the body, the worst case may cause septic shock,barbour paris, life-threatening.The first phase only two medical expenses 500 000 100 000 Minato”Although the family has not be able to sell a few things, but I’ll do my best photos Xiaoying Gu.” Wang Zhao Qin said that they would be responsible for the matter. For a small British medical expenses.

For the night,hogan, the other three children are still in the Dongchuan accept the police investigation.For Xiaoying said the situation, Wang Zhao Qin said after the incident, she has never seen his son,moncler, while her husband and son are currently in with the police investigation, what four small partner in the review of the 20 minutes, what happened thing, she did not know. But usually it seems, and there is no contradiction between a few children. She speculated that kids joke before the tragedy occurred.Wang Zhao Qin said that since after the accident she would take care of the small British inseparable. � doubtWhat hurt the gun? Parents with a gun modified to shoot birdsAccording to Wang Zhao Qin said Xiaohui her husband with a gun made by gun used to shoot birds,hollister, usually hidden in the room, but the room did not lock,nike store, but I did not expect Xiaohui quietly took out, but also lead to disaster. Now they have Xiaohui off at home, ready to cooperate with the police investigation.Yesterday afternoon, in charge of the matter if Austin Industrial Park, Jiaozishan Tourism Development Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Captain Yuan Kun said after the incident, has been arrested for possession of a firearm Detention Ren Xiaohui’s father, and to a modified gun sent to the relevant departments to identify, then will sue based on the identification results. Taking into account the actual situation of two people, at present, has launched a small British contributions to the local village, hoping to make the point force.NCMS can reimburse you? Medical expenses caused by the accident is not within the scope ofThe understanding, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Health Department of Yunnan Agricultural Health Department, including car accidents, gunshot wounds, including injuries, are not included in the new rural cooperative medical insurance within range, because there is a third party responsible for gunshot wounds, to enter the civil mediation to determine parties are held responsible. The new rural cooperative medical insurance.

management is more difficult, and on the network filled with a variety of modifications tutorials and help all kinds of information modified. � lawyers sayPossession of firearms can be sentenced to seven years in prisonLingyun Sun Wenjie law firm lawyers, according to “People’s Republic of China gun control laws” third State strict gun control, to prohibit any entity or individual in violation of the law to possess, manufacture (including alteration, modification), trade, transportation, lease,nike air max, lend guns.Violation of firearms regulations,christian louboutin uk, illegal possession, possession of firearms.

she has decided to sell all possessions, and to relatives borrowed 10,000 yuan of money, plus past savings,hollister milano, now she has been out of the two million dollars in medical expenses, but when she learned that the small If you need to treat the British province, the first phase would have 500,000 yuan for medical expenses,spaccio woolrich, the “I, even if the family is not enough to sell 500,000 scrambled ah” Wang Zhao Qin said bitterly.”Now this house to be completely destroyed.” Little Britain left bedside, paragraph Zhenzhen burst into tears. Xiaoying born after 2004, for their livelihoods, their two children to the grandparents with, the couple traveled to Shanghai odd jobs. Perhaps pressure, 2005 Xiaoying 1 year old, her husband, Mr. Zhang suffered from mental illness, incapacity only after leaving home, the whole family’s livelihood 6 Zhenzhen whole segment falls on the shoulders.Xiaohui home situation is relatively better.