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“Good Morning,abercrombie fitch, Jiangsu,christian louboutin paris,” who has arrived in Nanjing Underwater World site.Dolphins Jiang Bo afternoon before eating the one for it to play volleyball last night Nanjing Underwater World also invited some medical personnel to Nanjing Underwater World to remove the body of volleyball for Jiang Bo, but take a lot of ways, starting with a large Medical Medical clamp pliers is about 2 m 2 go out into the dolphin’s body, trying to come up with this volleyball but without success, because the volleyball appearance is very smooth.

the situation now is still relatively Jiang Bo normal, because with a sponge and towel to help the bleeding point it protected, and can see that dolphins are very active now and vitality,doudoune moncler femme, which is kept in the swinging tail and fins, the current situation is still relatively normal now waiting vehicle, ready to transport the car dolphins, rushed to the hospital.The next step will be to use microwave apparatus staff may be burning a hole in this sphere then the gap with medical forceps pull out, this approach may be more smooth,christian louboutin soldes, but the hospital in the end is how to do, we will have next next arrived at the hospital will know, if the situation is not so smooth, it may make high Yancheng this expert 2 meters 26 in the underwater world were removed by hand directly to the volleyball activities.

such as endoscopic instrument once in place we’ll try to get out, please Zhang Mengyong volleyball from dolphin stomach.He received enthusiastic public phone because there are some media contact with him,zanotti pas cher, he was the first time the news is that he himself is in Yancheng cure his leg, part of his legs do not hurt way to walk normally,abercrombie et fitch, but now after receiving the news, he was the first time in Nanjing from Yancheng rushed to help the dolphins,abercrombie and fitch paris, to rescue,christian louboutin paris, trying to remove his stomach foreign body.Reporter: Jiang Bo in front,zanotti pas cher, only about two meters long dolphins are now staff with a special device iron wood shipped in this car, the following also has a scroll wheel.

Lee has XingJu. Drum correspondent public Zhu Siyuan Li Shaofu Modern Express Hong Beijing January 20 news (Jiangsu TV reporter in raw Yang), according to Voice of China “CNR News” reported that Nanjing Underwater World, resulting in not eating, life-threatening messages, after media reports touched the hearts of many people heart, this morning, Nanjing Underwater World hired two meters tall and 26, arms up to 1.05 m of Zhang Mengyong to greet save dolphins, Zhang Mengyong today Yancheng starting from 2:00,hollister femme, 5:00 and more rescue dolphins arrived in Nanjing,chaussure louboutin pas cher, at the moment we are Hutchison Source: Jiangsu TV.

robbery is illegal possession for the purpose of property owners,nike air max pas cher, custodians spot the use of violence, coercion or other means, to force the behavior of public and private property away. For the robber, the most fundamental purpose is to looting of property, assault and battery is only a means to facilitate their use. Therefore,hollister femme, regardless of whether the suspect obtaining property,abercrombie fitch, regardless of the size of the robbed property values, long as it is for the purpose of illegal possession and use of violence or threat of violence on the spot means, constitute robbery,chaussures louboutin pas cher, “huge amount” and “To the people particularly severe disability or death “will be punished severely. Criminal law, guilty of robbery, will be more than three years in prison and fined. Case.

with some juice effect may not be successful,christian louboutin soldes, and finally removed only with a grain size of the foreign body,nike tn pas cher, and finally through later this foreign body detection is indeed a rubber volleyball above.Because the work is not completed,moncler doudoune, the underwater world has come up with other ways to use microwave apparatus is to use high-temperature surface melting try to volleyball, hoping to further remove plucked a hole, the result was not successful, because with microwave apparatus no way to volleyball surface, is not such a high temperature burn a hole, and finally took the set with a noose way to volleyball, but finally did not succeed,giuseppe zanotti sneakers, that is now a variety of methods are used,doudoune moncler femme, or not success.2:00 yesterday, when it is rushed to the scene from Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province,chaussures louboutin pas cher, a special form of such a relatively high performer, his name is Zhang Mengyong,hollister site officiel, he is 2:00 departure from Yancheng, 5:00 arrived in Nanjing Underwater World, We are now waiting for is the latest from the hospital mobilized to clear some of endoscopy instruments.

no problem. This time he called, I was just missing, let him get over the.” Ms Wu recalled,parajumpers pas cher, October 16 morning,christian louboutin pas cher, Xiao Zhou hired Lee riding a tricycle pulled two large cardboard boxes come Jinqiao Ms Wu counter market.Because it is an acquaintance,barbour france, Ms Aw no nerve inspection, directly to 58,000 yuan in cash to Lee. After opening the carton Ms Wu found that there is indeed loaded cartons of cigarettes, which can not cigarettes, but stones and toilet paper.Drum Public Security Bureau police quickly locked the four villages Lee identity in Jiangning yesterday arrested him. Lee confessed against fraud, police found Lee had multiple fraud convictions, only recently released from prison. Currently.

the defendant makes Yongdiangundian clerk strike threat, although only stole 11 dollars worth of drinks,barbour france, but it has constituted robbery,guiseppe zanotti, they must suffer the penalty.(Original title: man holding electric shock batons to grab only 11 yuan beverage clerk was sentenced to 3 years Recently, in Nanjing Gulou District Jinqiao cigarette wholesale market to do business, Ms Wu, from a friend that into 100 soft Chinese, she never expected to make is that out of the box when she found 100 cigarette becomes two box of toilet paper,basket louboutin femme, and some stones. Police later traced found that people who engage in the ghost delivery.A few days ago,nike air max pas cher, Ms Wu Xiao Zhou received a friend’s phone,doudoune moncler femme, saying that there are 100 soft Chinese hands, each 580 yuan. “He is my friend of a friend, before he bought it seven or eight times the smoke.