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said the new leadership of the expedition route in both the first wealthy Guangdong,abercrombie & fitch, there are also poor old revolutionary base areas and ethnic minority areas,louboutin pas cher, how to deal with relations and common rich rich first,hollister france, how to take into account the inter-regional, inter-urban and rural development,braccialetto tiffany, which is a big problem of building a moderately prosperous society that must be addressed.”From the central leadership of the investigation and research can be found, the next task is to achieve common prosperity.” Zhang Chunxiao said.Let the government to adapt to the people, not vice versaDuring the investigation, Gansu, Xi spoke again leading cadres to improve style issues,louboutin chaussures, requiring vigilance and disciplinary pleasure serious thinking,veste barbour homme, keen formalism serious from the masses of cadres.Xi Jinping, who at the grassroots level research, a lot of attitude and action refreshing.According to reports, went to study at Gansu Weiyuan County, Xi Jinping was sent to a wealth of local folks stocking; inspect the train station in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, Li Keqiang migrant workers said, “I was working for you.”Zhang Chunxiao that these seemingly less important “little things”, not only shows the pragmatic personality,scarpe hogan outlet, but also help establish a good public image, the accumulation of public trust. With the changing times, the country needs to continue reforms to enable the Government to adapt to the people, not to the people to adapt to the government.”Turn style requires long-term change, not a temporary show, you need to set an example.

or,abercrombie et fitch, as Frank said in the play “either hunting or being hunting. ” However, true democracy should be to get rid of the image of the sun out of the house of cards, but by no means dominated by the power elite, playing a few collections.(Author: School of Public Administration, Shanxi Agricultural Un3, Xi Jinping in Gansu research, visit the Dongxiang people in financial difficulties. Xinhua News Agency issued the reporter CHEMISTRYIn recent days, the party and state leaders, Xi Jinping,tiffany collane, Li Keqiang,hollister pas cher, etc. have grassroots investigation,abercrombie outlet online, caused widespread concern in the public and netizens. Experts said that the central leadership went to the grassroots frequency.

meaning passed intriguing.Fangpinwenku is one of the characteristicsFebruary 2 to 5,tiffany collane, the CPC Central Committee General Secretary,christian louboutin pas cher, visit condolences hardship. Meanwhile, Vice Premier to visit migrant workers and squatters.Eighteen years, the new central collective leadership has to go eight provinces nationwide grassroots.”People First, visit the poor, which is one of the central features of the recent grassroots leadership to go.” Director of the National School of Administration policy advice Zhang Chunxiao that the central leadership to go mostly poor central and western regions, visit the poor villagers, migrant workers and other disadvantaged groups,hollister france officiel, vulnerable sectors, “do not care about the contradictions, not evading the question directly to our most basic level,woolrich outlet, the poorest place to understand the truth, to find out the current situation and development of China’s basic national conditions,hollister, in order to work for the future and develop ideas for a period make the right policy, scientific judgment. “Explore both the urban and rural area development pathGo for a series of grassroots activities of the central new leadership,hogan outlet, Zhang Chunxiao believes special attention getting rich and the poor central and western regions vulnerable groups,hollister abercrombie, showing that the new Chinese leadership to address the disparity of wealth and regional development imbalances determination release the common prosperity of the signal.Deputy director of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Research Center of the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics Chuntao Xia also interviewed by the media.