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Feb. 7,abercrombie france, according to foreign media reports,hollister outlet uk, Sydney, Australia, a 26-year-old man with 12 year-old girl sustained a sexual relationship, he claimed, earlier this year the two have become husband and wife after marriage rituals. However, the police believe that marriage is illegal, the man has been arrested and charged with 25 sexual intercourse with children under 14 years of age-related charges.Local police stated that the man was in Newcastle,hollister uk sale, Australia last year to get to know this girl, the two sides continued to have sex afterwards. Subsequently, they relocated to Sydney West Guildford,parajumpers, sharing a room and continue the relationship.The man claimed that he and the girl child through the ritual of marriage earlier this year in the province of New South Wales,christian louboutin, Australia. Police said the marriage was not legal, but did not disclose what kind of religious man said.

and the man from a different cultural background is not considered breaking the law themselves.It is reported that the girl’s family accused her daughter informed regarding cohabitation with men,hollister clothing, but has not received a formal police report the missing girls, child abuse group is still currently investigating the case.Police said the man without bail, Australia Burwood Local Court hearing the case will soon.(Original title: 12 men and 25 year-old girl charged with the crime of cohabitation claimed the two hadI do not know if you remember a few years ago swept the country in the comedy movie “Crazy Stone”? The story is an international thief thief through their own local “professional skills” Yibubuxiang genuine emerald approximation thrilling story. And in Zhengzhou, a burglary trio is because a fake diamond ring annihilated.Zhengzhou Evening News correspondent correspondent Dai Xiaobing Zhang Yudong / textZhengzhou Evening News reporter Zhou Yong / ChartReported family lost $ 5,000 worth of diamond ringsAt 1:00 on July 2 and more, Municipal Public Security Bureau command center Mall Road police station received a report, employees of a private road on the 11th Hostel Room 310, value of more than $ 5,boutique louboutin paris,000 diamond ring stolen.Mall Road police investigation of the case, together with the Council brigade combat burglary task force rushed to the scene,air jordan 4, the eye is a mess, a mess.This is a long pack rent, the tenant because Wang has been doing business in the mall near the rental of three or four years,moncler piumini, put a lot of personal items in the room,peuterey, a stolen diamond ring hidden in the bottom of the storage box under the bed while seven or eight packs of cigarettes stolen tens of dollars and change. However.

With hi were long years of work experience feel suspicious of the man,abercrombie france, the defendant stopped their inventory.Man claiming to take the train back to Xuzhou, K8356 times and produce a day ticket from Shanghai to Xuzhou. In response to the police inquiry,moncler, the man spoke shaking, sweating forehead, this anomaly has attracted the attention of police cases. The men were invited to the duty room,giuseppe zanotti, police seized a bag with a transparent plastic bag of red round pill *** 40 in its upper left jacket pocket, seized from their abdomen fixed inside the belt with a transparent plastic bag of white three bags of crystal-like materials.

the Department of drugs *** weight 299.21 g.Man explained,moncler sito ufficiale, a few days ago he met a netizen on QQ, the two agreed in Shanghai trading,hollister soldes, he said yesterday morning by train from Xuzhou to Shanghai, near Zhongshan Park,air jordan, spent more than 45,000 yuan from friends where I bought a 299 *** grams, *** 40,abercrombie, intends to bring back Xuzhou smoking. To avoid police questioning, named Ma *** into three packets will be placed in the underwear department Waist, fastened with a belt, all the way to the station intends to take the train back to Xuzhou. At present,Giuseppe Zanotti, the suspect named Ma has been under criminal detention. The case is under further investigation.Since Shuyun, Shanghai Railway Station police station has uncovered 28 cases of various types of drug-related cases and seized more than 900 grams of the drug.(Original title: Men’s belt concealed narcotics cheBEIJING.









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