abercrombie milano and making reforms to help the people

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only limited consolidation system officials,abercrombie milano, combing fiscal, monetary system reform, leather military system, but to break the existing system. Beyond the current system and completely abandon the existing system is different, completely abandon the existing system called revolution.

With the people next to none, but none of the methods do not rely on the creation and increase the wealth of the whole society to achieve various levels,air max pas cher femme, to achieve a win-win Guan Ming, but without changing the existing mode of production and the existing management system approach trying to improve the efficiency of the existing system, it is inevitable that a contradiction between the various sectors.Because of these three characteristics,abercrombie paris, these reforms have failed, the reason for failure is not able to break the existing system, the social productive forces can not be substantially improved, and no more social wealth created. Therefore limited benefits reform redistribution redistribution of interests between the government and the people,moncler, between the different interests of the redistribution of bureaucratic groups. This would inevitably lead to the struggle between different interest groups, making the reforms do not go. To reform adds a lot of resistance. This three losers, his personal are more tragic ending. Reform finally became a redistribution of interests, and we know that re-distribution of benefits is a political issue. Politics is the method of law,abercrombie pas cher, with the method the system to re-distribution of benefits. Once turned into a political issue in the future,parajumpers homme, the fate of reform will be determined by the political struggle, rather than being determined by the actual effect of the reform. In this political struggle,moncler doudoune, Wang Mang failed, Emperor failed, Wang Anshi also failed.The second reason for the failure is due to rely on bureaucratic system reform,tn air max 2014 pas cher, made an unrealistic assumption that all the top-level design has unrealistic to assume that the so-called upper bureaucracy can be one hundred percent compliance with instructions, you can put hundred percent implementation of reform measures in place,christian louboutin outlet, and these officials are starting from a country boat, from our nation’s long-term perspective,abercrombie and fitch, to advance these reforms.This hypothesis does not exist in reality. What was the result? Bureaucratic system is the use of rent-seeking corruption reform.

expand the capacity of the resources at their disposal. Increased use of resources from rent-seeking,tiffany outlet, fraud, and making reforms to help the people,parajumpers pas cher, became compete with the people. Once turned into a competition with the public interest,Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers, the credibility of the reform is greatly reduced, to support reform efforts greatly reduced. This reform is doomed to fail fate.Due to compete with the people,red bottom shoes, as it is not to increase the total wealth of society, but rather re-distribution of benefits,abercrombie, grassroots not actively participate in the reform process in the past,christian louboutin soldes, which makes the reforms do not go, many times repeated,abercrombie france, Wang and a few times Baxiang is the same. They come to the right bureaucratic reforms, or the implementation does not go.We look at the success of the reform, the reform of the success and failure of the opposite. It is not seeking to improve the efficiency of the existing system of local,chaussure tn pas cher, not like the Chinese history, the failure of these reforms just mentioned.