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some provide security for others, so he is certainly not willing to pay back the money. But we do not have a public official “shamelessly”, is to use their power to historical debts “written off.” He also said that in the past the system is imperfect, Responsibility is not in place, “public old Lai” is formed with its historical factors in it. Today, in order to prevent “public old Lai” generation, but also need to constantly improve the system construction, especially to accelerate the construction of credit system, so that “public rights” has become the Qiandai “burden.”Newspaper Hefei November 20 electricity(Original title: public officials prone to the abuse of power of borrowing tCPV Politburo member Le Hong Anh executive secretary of the Central Committee on the 26th visit to China since he was CPV General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong as a special envoy to come to Beijing. Multi analysts said Le Hong Anh this visit to Italy in easing the situation more tense, Vietnamese Foreign Ministry spokesman on the 25th there are some positive tone of the statement on Lebanon’s visit.

ranging from $ 1000 to $ 100 million, a total of about 17.48 million yuan; loans and longer time span,abercrombie outlet online, from 1994 to 2013,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, nearly 20 years apart. Arrears number Sixian Family Planning Commission, Board of Education and other units of more than 10 people.Login Sixian reporters today on the government website to see these public information are constantly updated every day.One week after exposure to repay 24 penReporters from Sixian NPL collection Leading Group Office learned that, with the restructuring of rural credit bank in mid-September of this year,nike tn 2014, according to Suzhou City Sixian unified deployment,moncler outlet, clear the income of non-performing assets. In this process,hogan outlet, the “public old Lai” begin interviews, urging repayment. Should Continue “shamelessly”.

public officials will not be “public”,barbour soldes, may also be suspended without pay.According to reports, within the prescribed time for the return of the loan does not guarantee or assume obligations of public officials, the county Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Organization Department, Supervision Bureau, Finance Bureau, Human Resources and Social Council and other agencies to adopt them without pay,giuseppe zanotti, suspension, stop gang, not promotion,air max femme pas cher, no transfers, no comment before, not pay,scarpe hogan outlet, do not qualify for drastic measures, in addition to their wages to retain the minimum living level, but in accordance with the relevant provisions deduct loan. Leadership positions for which staff positions, intervention by the county Commission for Discipline Inspection of its investigation.Sixian under the government’s “strong”, repayment fade effect. Since the resumption of action to carry out clear, as November 17, more than 79 214 public servants repayment pen, the cumulative amount of 6.01 million yuan. After being exposed, there are 18 active loan 24 pen, about 57 million.”Clear action to close the whole of society, not only for public servants. By clearing individually door closed, not only conducive to publicity and, also hidden corrupt elements within the bank after another ferret,hollister soldes france, is conducive to carry out anti-corruption work.” Qing Office official told reporters income, there sixty-seven bank “worms” criminal detention by the police.”Public old Lai” exposed loopholes in the systemPublic officials because of their special status.

Under the government intransigence, as of November 17 has 79 214 public servants repayment pen, the cumulative amount of 6.01 million yuan,collane tiffany, including 18 who were exposed repayment 570,christian louboutin pas cher,000 yuan. Qing closing process, Sixian also uncovered several rural cooperative banks ‘internal’ assholes. “181 people owed 17.48 million yuanNovember 11, Sixian People’s Government official website issued a “public official Sixian rural cooperative banks ‘bad faith’ loan-to-door basic information bulletin (since borrow),” Exposure of 181 “public old Lai,” the name of the lending bank , ID number, address, date of loan,woolrich sito ufficiale, amount overdue, work units and so on.According to announcement shows that these public officials of each county’s rural credit cooperative banks lending outlets, from the County Board of Education, Municipal Construction Committee, the Health Bureau,barbour catalogue, Family Planning,vetement hollister pas cher, Market Authority and other dozens of departments. A significant reduction in the amount of overdue loans.

who’s the advantage of it stronger? Strategically, China’s advantage doubt.

in addition to Vietnam recently pledged to compensate May was thwarted by the Chinese enterprises. But Vietnam in the past many of them say one thing and do another performance, this is a need for national “listen to his words and deeds,” the.Vietnam is one of China’s neighbors in the multi-faceted nature of the most prominent,louboutin pas cher, it is difficult to say who is more interest in the development of bilateral friendly relations. Vietnam serious territorial disputes, China’s reform and opening up are the only happen a few times with the war in Vietnam. Vietnam’s political system broadly consistent communication in favor of the two countries and the two parties,outlet hogan, but the elimination of the differences between the two countries is very limited role.In the game.

compared to the general public more in bank loans. From the publicity situation, more than half of the public “old Lai” is borrowed since the rest is to provide security.Social Anhui University Associate Professor Wang Yunfei that the “public official” loan to buy a house for the necessities of life,air max pas cher enfant, is understandable, but it is only normal to repay, may not only damage their own credibility, but also affect the credibility of the government. But if it is used for investment, you need to be vigilant.”At a deeper level, the public officer loan portfolio, and certainly hope to get in return, it is possible to take advantage of their power to promote the development of investments into ‘the abuse of power’ from borrowing behavior.” Wang Yunfei said.Many public officials are not entirely without ability to pay, why not also long delay? Wang Yunfei analysis.