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Bao root more and more like his son, Xiao Qian’s brother. This year, the couple intends to have a baby. But this time, treasure root suddenly revealed some hidden secrets.20 years ago, Bao root also only 18 years old, unmarried. Lived next door to 20-year-old young daughter, her husband often not at home,piumini woolrich, he would often go to the house. Later, they evolved into physical contact, relations have maintained for nearly two years. After that, the young wife pregnant,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, but also to find a treasure root object.It turned out that the woman gave birth to a child, is the CAO.Through the identification that the two are brother and sisterBao said the root, so many years later,soldes hollister pas cher, no one came to see him in trouble, but occasionally muttering under my heart. In fact, he had felt something was amiss, and some knew what he was young romantic old neighbor also came over jokes.

he pinched a lot of sweat.Although aware of CAO may be flesh and blood, but his lack of courage to stop young people exchanges married,magasin hollister, have the courage to do 20 years ago made public, he chose to remain silent.In fact, Xiaoqian also produced a doubt,tn nike pas cher, so she specifically asked a distant relative of the father tentative confirmation. The truth so she was shocked, and she lives with her husband of nearly two years, is it half-brother? That gave birth to a child in the future if how to do?This young man chose to do a paternity test. After early November, the Provincial People’s Hospital Seremban Forensic Center received a treasure roots and CAO of blood samples for DNA testing. The results coming out soon: paternity probability to reach 99.99%, in accordance with international practice, the biological parent-child relationship exists between the two supports. This means that the CAO and Xiaoqian are brother and sister.November 20, Forensic Centre of Forensic room for major French physician,abercrombie france, said Huang Jian, Xiao Qian Cao Wei and how to deal with the marriage, is currently unknown. She believes that the root of irresponsible treasure.

a young couple, have always been quipped, “husband and wife.” Not long ago,doudoune parajumpers, the woman’s father suddenly tells a secret: the original, he was years ago, and the man’s mother is underground lover. Later, the man his mother was pregnant, but the woman’s father also love marriage. Coupled with the man his mother had passed away 20 years,doudoune moncler femme, the secret is almost always concealed it until this young couple going to a child …In early November, the family choose to go to the Second People’s Hospital of Hunan Province Furong Forensic Center do DNA testing, the results gave them a heavy blow.Prepare pregnant child,woolrich arctic parka, the woman his father speak of the pastCao Wei and Xiao Qian (a pseudonym), grew up in the same city.

so she had signed a prenuptial agreement. She said: “I am not a gold digger, money did not interest him,tiffany roma, I love him himself.Chengdu Daily News (Reporter Wang Mingping) 2012, Guanghan City farmer Zhang Xinfeng things make an airplane flight since widely circulated on the Internet. Zhang flight time but without success; when the test again after being stopped by traffic police and canceled.Recently,hogan scarpe, netizens also exposed Zhang home-made second-generation aircraft, ready to flight. Yesterday, the Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Qian Qu and Tan Fang. During the past two years, Zhang launched the second generation of homemade aircraft — more resembles F-22 fighter jets. Zhang confidently said that the second generation of aircraft size,scarpe hogan, weight, power has increased, has the ability to fly to the sky,hollister pas cher, and chose the flight.The second aircraft manufacturing, spent a total of about 2 million. “All the important parts of their own hand-made,” Zhang added that the past two years, apart from eating and sleeping, 90 percent of the time in making aircraft. The second-generation aircraft weighing about 240 kg, 5.4 m long, 7.2 m wide and 1.4 m high. Power.

Jiangxi, live too close, you know a teenager. CAO four years older than Xiaoqian,tiffany italia, has been like a brother-like attention to her, their relationship gradually subtle changes, established a relationship.Last year, they confessed to both parents want to get married. Cao Wei’s mother has passed away at his age of four, his father did not pay more interference marriage. Xiao Qian’s mother felt very good young man, her father, Bao root (a pseudonym) is kept silent.This young man successfully received a marriage certificate, life was also very happy. Outsiders always tease them, husband and wife too,woolrich uomo, especially Cao Wei.

Zhang ready to adopt the boat engine, instead of the first-generation underpowered motorcycle engine,abercrombie pas chere, when the wind speed up to 180 km.In this regard, civil aviation authorities and parts of the legal profession, pointed out that China has adopted a licensing system aircraft manufacturing, aircraft manufacturing unauthorized personal God is not legitimate. Aircraft manufacturing is a very serious project, it must go through the various parts of precise calculations to be reasonable and safe. Even if farmers can make the airplane fly overhead, but in the safety performance and there are significant risks. Civil Aviation Flight University of China in charge of legal affairs office vehicles Tong introduction, aircraft need “three cards,moncler pas cher,” including airworthiness certificate, radio station license and registration certificate of nationality; pilots flying also need to “three cards”, including the pilot’s license, medical clearance card and boarding pass. At the same time declare flight plan to the relevant department.(Original title: Guanghan farmers made the second generation “F-22” The woman’s father and hide for a long time to admit the man his mother had underground conditions; DNA identification results show the couple are half brother and sisterOur reporter Zhang Ying Xu Shan Tang Meiyun Changsha correspondent reportsJiangxi.