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Chen Dongmei pointed out that the case for commutation parole consideration hearing,abercrombie outlet, the posts more consideration is not official, does not have any “special treatment.” “Former officials commutation considerations equally with other ordinary criminals,tiffany roma, judges only to his criminal nature, plot,air max one, transform the performance test results conducted comprehensive measure.”Moreover,hogan sito ufficiale, for inmates original level and above cadres, but also strict grasp, more stringent than the average inmates. Chen Dongmei said that from the beginning of the second half of 2012,abercrombie paris, before the parole officer commutation would like Guangdong Provincial High Court case filing; if it is for department-level cadres at and above the original.

or a relatively high degree of social concern offender, the Court can not directly referee, must be reported only after the approval of the Provincial Court to adjudicate.Such as former mayors of Zhongshan Red Nicholls commuted a case, is to take the original level cadres of the program, the High Court approved the final year before they get a three-month remission.The court shall not parole majorityApply every year so many criminals commutation, parole, the court upheld the dismissal of more or much? Chen Dongmei bluntly,parajumpers pas cher, “Guangzhou’s parole rate is about 1.9%, compared to up to about 30% of Qingdao parole rate, considered too strict control.” Non parole rate “court referee,chaussure louboutin pas cher, reducing the amplitude of the lower draw remission rate was mainly executed multiple organs and procuratorial organs shut audit has been done strictly to control. “Further reading Three officials serving fraud case Jiangmen City, the former deputy mayor Susie Family bribed the detention center, who is eligible for medical parole longAccording to the briefing, July 30, 2009, Susie due accept bribes were sent off-site trial Heyuan, Heyuan City Court sentenced him to 10 years in prison, deprived of political rights for two years, while the recovery of proceeds of 268 million yuan. At the same time the court verdict, the hospital with Susie and other diseases in people with high blood pressure,woolrich parka, citing the decision to allow its medical parole, probation, which was “released immediately.” Susie in this way,barbour paris, “Happy,” a year.After investigation,doudoune parajumpers, the Susie family bribed by bribing the former director of the detention center Heyuan Liu XX, XX painted original instructor,air max pas cher pour homme, forensic detention center, as well as a doctor and a Chief of Medical Services Heyuan Municipal People’s Hospital.

tampering with the identification of the conclusions so Susie gained medical parole conditions.Jianlibao Group, former chairman Zhang Corruption, favoritism violation commuted the prison staffMarch 2005,hollister clothing, the former chairman Zhang Jianlibao Group to cooking the books on suspicion of false investment, misappropriation of funds were reported Jianlibao Jianlibao Group, after the criminal investigation. Zhang was arrested in March 2005 in Foshan police, due to embezzlement and misappropriation of funds jailed for 10 years. This should be in 2015,piumini peuterey, he was released from prison, but in April 2011 had been seen in public.Provincial Procuratorate Zheng in the “report” to the second session of the provincial People’s Congress of the fifth session of the mentioned prison prosecution prosecutors investigating strengthen supervisory staff job-related crimes,magasin hollister, the case of irregularities detected Zhang commutation .

said the problem is not caused by fraud on the commutation, parole case to challenge society, “to buy punishment”, ” secret operations “,” prison officials and the public differential treatment “and other bad ideas widespread in society, has seriously damaged the image of the judiciary and judicial credibility.Beginning this year, the Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court under the jurisdiction of four prisons, all commuted 15 detention center, parole cases online publicity from the CD before the referee instruments Internet open, people’s assessors involved in the trial, and the use of remote video hearings, etc. Full open, and the formation of the working mechanism of normalization.Previous commutation, parole cases are written hearing, taking into account the hearing. Now in addition to the publicity, but also to trial. Formerly the division level and above cadres parole inmates commutation cases all to trial.President argument Commutation parole officer shall be submitted to the Office of the High Court rulingGuangzhou Intermediate People’s Court for trial supervision Tribunal, said Chen Dongmei, the Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court is currently under the jurisdiction of four prisons, detention centers were 15 municipal districts in Guangzhou.

the total number of crimes division level and above commutation very small percentage of parole, prison Each batch of newspaper over an average of 300 people, only a maximum of twelve each batch, the 8th publicity of 188 individuals, only one level and above cadres. In recent years,chaussure louboutin, the Court commuted parole cases received more than 6,000 pieces a year. In addition to economic crime cases involving government officials,air max pas cher femme, including officials of abuse of power,abercrombie italia, dereliction of duty, criminal negligence and the like. Where duties criminals,parajumpers homme, corrupt officials account for about 10 percent, the level is less than officials.Commutation of former officials alikeFor the public questioned the corrupt in jail as well as “special treatment”.