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Liang usually in good health, have not committed heart diseases. After the incident, the public security organs to carry out the autopsy Liang,abercrombie paris, Liang passed the examination to exclude the possibility of trauma and poisoning,christian louboutin shoes, do not rule out coronary heart disease death, violent activities,air jordan 4, emotional and other predisposing factors for sudden coronary death. Yin Weili no crime, public security organs do not initiate treatment.Liang’s father and daughter to Arashiyama court Wei Li, asking them to bear 40% of the civil liability of Liang’s death, the count of 19 million yuan. “I did not touch him, and he died, I did not violations should not be liable for damages.” Wei Li said.Arashiyama court after hearing that, according to the victim’s autopsy Liang book, in the case of the exclusion of other possibilities should be identified with the victim’s own coronary heart disease is the leading cause of its death. Wei Li a land dispute with the victim quarrel, the victim went to dig after the sheep, which may be a predisposing factor. It can be concluded that the defendant Wei Li quarreled with the victim and there is a certain link between cause Liang death consequences.

one called “Tsinghua postdoctoral Cao Mingxiu couples do education debt” in the widely circulated online. Yesterday, the parties, North Jiaotong University financial professional postdoctoral Caoming Xiu Huang and her husband accepted the reporter interview. For many years has been the construction of domestic workers and to support training programs for teachers in schools for the children of migrant workers, they have debt, owed a total of nearly 50 million. Last week, their offices have been closed because they can not afford the rent. Text / reporter Li YingThe trouble is that Nisshin Wang Wei fund managed by Huang. This was established in April of last year, the fund is in China Women’s Development Foundation, supported by the then chairman of Beijing Dao Heng Wang Wei donor funds to start a special fund set up by one million yuan.

but not directly. Wei Li court to compensate the plaintiff 43,000 yuan. Wei Li first instance verdict appeal. December 2013, Rizhao City Intermediate People’s Court upheld the conviction.[Argument] JudgeAccording to “Tort Law” stipulates that the perpetrator because of fault against the civil rights of others, shall bear tort liability. The victim of the damage occurred also at fault, you can reduce the tortfeasor’s liability. “From the point of view of fault, Wei Li Liang occurred after a land dispute with the victim,hollister france, not a rational, reasonable way to properly resolve the dispute, but were bickering,parajumpers homme, there is no fault on their land excesses to dig in.” Investigators Judge introduction.Victims can not calmly deal with land disputes, ignoring the rest, its there fault. From the point of view of causality, the victim of its own disease is the leading cause of death,christian louboutin outlet, arguing behavior only one of the factors inducing lines. In summary, the court Wei Li bear 10% of the liability,parajumpers femme, totaling 43,By Nisshin Wang Mei-US events only fund social contributions couple almost zero no car no house no deposit Fanzao questionedMicroblogging Recently.

000 yuan in the first instance verdict.The court found, September 20, 2012, 7 pm, at New Street Liu Jian Qi Yuan Fu Road, Baiyun District, Garden State B building, using tear gas sprayer to Liang Department conducted via face spray,basket louboutin femme, Liang snatched a gold bracelet . Two weeks later, on October 11,barbour femme, 7 pm, he was in New Street, Baiyun District about nineteen West Lane on the 9th at the door, by the same method,red bottom shoes for women, snatched a handbag. In the same year on October 19 10 am,nike tn officiel, he was in New Street, Baiyun District, Tai Po eleven Beijing-Guangzhou Logistics Agency 24 at the door, in the same way,abercrombie soldes, grab a gold bracelet.Liu Jian,chaussure louboutin, found guilty of robbery and was sentenced to four years and six months in December 2004 Conghua City Court commuted six months after his sentence is finished in August 2008. Because within five years after the completion of the penalty should be sentenced to commit the crime of imprisonment or more severe punishment, he was court finds as a recidivist.

get punished severely. After the incident,modelli hollister, Liu Jian tools of crime confiscated tear sprayer court decision.(Original title: Men with tear sprayer robbery was sentenced to 13 years but had robbery and was sentenced toOur reporter Liu Lihong Wang Yukui correspondentMan with a woman for the same village farmland boundary dispute,moncler, the two men quarrel during sudden coronary death. Although women and men just fight,parajumpers homme, and no physical altercations, the Court still finds that the consequences of the death of the man’s behavior and quarrel there is a certain link, the final verdict woman liability 43,000 yuan for the man’s death.64-year-old Liang (a pseudonym),doudoune pjs, 52-year-old Wei Li (pseudonym) syngeneic Arashiyama village the villagers, the two adjacent farmland. March 6, 2012, and Wei Li Liang dig a contradiction because the adjacent boundaries, from two people live in the deep contradictions grudges day.March 2012, Wei Li tea grown on their own land, while sheep after Liang was found a few days before the earth is turning its back turned very angry Wei Li, ordered after the sheep get home, went to the ground and began to dig, Wei Li shouted to block it,nike store, the two sides quarrel.At this time, Liang suddenly straightened up, after a few seconds and fell on land. Wei Li Liang was afraid of blackmail, did not take any relief measures, went straight to the site of the incident in the village next to the home secretary, told the secretary Liang fell on ground, do not rely on her, so that the village secretary to the scene.Village secretary to the scene after the discovery in serious condition, namely call 120 emergency calls, until the first aid car arrived, Liang had stopped breathing. According to the village secretary and villagers.