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mechanically operated mainly for municipal roads. Although there has been micro-cleaning car, but the main street for a short walk away, for sidewalks and Des Voeux Road NA, typhoon days more can not be used,moncler outlet, it can only rely on manpower.Chen said that although recruitment is difficult, but when companies hire some healthy, good vision and quick reactions. This is related to the sanitation workers in recent years,abercrombie pas cher, frequent accidents are not unrelated.Because sanitation operations are usually in the morning, although fewer vehicles on the road,abercrombie outlet, but speeding, fatigue driving up to see, plus the sightline poor sanitation operations security risks exist. In addition, like the coastal road, North Central Avenue,christian louboutin men, fast, high-speed road,air max bw pas cher, the road can be mechanized, but the middle of the buffer zone must be manually clean up the garbage, it also gives the personal safety sanitation potentially dangerous. This year May 4 to 8, four days Shenzhen three sanitation workers knocked in two deaths and one injury event occurred. Chen also said the company almost a month can receive messages sanitation workers were injured.In the old stone seems sanitation workers,tiffany italia, sanitation workers low social status, often being discriminated against, this is his hardest to bear.

if it is the job of the age and educational level do not ask, he also wants to replace it with a decent point the work. Visits, many sanitation workers wages could rise about a little hope, a little better welfare again.A �03-04 versionCoordinator: Southern Reporter Linyan DeWritten: Southern Reporter meters Yan Zhuang ShuxiongPhoto: Southern Reporter HuUniversity of Reading in the late 1990s,air max pas cher enfant, a generation of people who,christian louboutin shoes, Zhu Ling case is their lingering collective memory. Ten years ago, in the era of the Internet is far from universal, this cruel story of youth in many Chinese universities in the mouth to mouth, and therefore many people at that time, “news” is often thought that the parties to the uncle’s name was impressed .Probably nobody expected was the name Zhu Ling, is so tenacious, in the next ten years, she was far from being a dusty history,parajumpers homme, but always with the Sturm und Drang of the same age in, and continue to challenge people’s inert, tingling nerve of this era. 2013,christian louboutin for cheap, in the spring and summer, “Zhu Ling case” has swept the Internet,parajumpers pas cher, a much-anticipated public events. In a statement released after the Beijing police, the police released further details, in response to questioning,hollister paris, is a must.This time, the degree of social concern and Zhu Ling caused mass participation, much higher than the previous hot 2006 Sun Wei horizon statement caused. More importantly,Giuseppe Zanotti Pas Cher, this time, we have exposure to the micro-blog era, Web2.0 power Thunderball, the “universal Holmes” possible, “Network court of public opinion,” in contrast, the resulting complex issues.

but also worthy of our serious consideration.The whole story1973.11.24Zhu Ling was born in Beijing in a family of intellectuals.1992Zhu Ling admitted to Tsinghua University,abercrombie pas cher, admitted to the Department of Physical Chemistry and chemical analysis instruments materialized two professional classes.1994.12.5Zhu Ling for the first time due to unexplained onset, abdomen, waist and limbs, joint pain. Beijing Tongren Hospital treatment in the past month; the cause can not be confirmed,soldes louboutin, hair all gone. After her condition improved,basket louboutin, and discharged.1995.2After the school week, Zhu Ling again due to unknown reasons the disease, feet pain, numb hands, hair loss again.1995.3.9Zhu Ling visits to Concord, Professor Li Shunwei diagnosed “highly suspected thallium poisoning.” Concord because Zhu Ling denied contact with thallium, ruled out thallium poisoning, was not detected. Zhu hospitalization, according to Concord to treat neuritis.1995.4Zhu Ling Bay High School students to the city posted on the Internet, Zhu Ling describes the disease, hoping to get an expert opinion to determine the cause. Received more than 1000 letters back and forth, a lot of doubt “thallium poisoning.” Bay to the city to translate good email to Concord, was not adopted.1995.4.20Zhu Ling parents find Dr. Chen Zhenyang Beijing occupational disease prevention, detect severe thallium poisoning.1995.4.28Concord began with Prussian blue chemical detoxification,moncler outlet, one month after the thallium content in the body of the basic rule Zhu Ling, the disappearance of the symptoms of poisoning, but serious sequelae puts her lifelong companions.