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“High surname “adulterer” contains Huang woman to travel, take the opportunity to load the old woman surnamed Zhou aunt back home to play in Miaoli. 5th evening just getting the car front door, the woman and the wife of the first to get off the yellow, some are still on the high seat, Huang husband and son out of the theory group of people holding sticks,cheap louboutins shoes, pull the two sides, while the chaos, the woman suddenly fall to the ground.Later the woman was taken to hospital for treatment, diagnosis is comminuted right arm, right leg femur also shift observed after surgery intubation,red bottoms, the 8th deterioration dead. When there is a dispute,parajumpers paris, the crowd came to nearby residents heard condemning, not close to understanding; witnesses saw the woman in the chaos,basket louboutin femme, by a man’s hand fell to the ground collision, it is not getting up again.After the police investigation, surnamed Huang and his son,abercrombie fitch, his friends,nike tn officiel, five people and Huang’s wife,barbour femme, high-caste men have been named as defendants. Huang and his son after hearing three respectively 60,000 yuan, 20,000 yuan, 20,000 yuan (NT) bail, please return the remaining four. High name “adulterer” that day was beaten bruised,orecchini tiffany, but did not sue.(Original title: woman visiting relatives involved in the “catch traitors” suspected of being in dispute confusion dWoman being robbed at night,basket nike, but the alarm and “robbers” a finedThe original police investigation found that “robbers” is the account of her clients LaiJiao ZheYangzi Evening News (Reporter Jiao Zhe) December 4 night, a woman police said they were criminals robbed a bank to withdraw money for three thousand dollars. Police launched an investigation, the results of the police but the woman and the “robbers” A punished by security. This in the end is zezheng it?”I was in the bank money, was robbed!” December 4 at 9 am, police received a high-tech park in Nanjing Jiangning Miss Liu alarms. After police arrived on the scene, Ms. Liu reflected on her bank ATM machine just take a thousand money.

Xingping flow Zhen Yong Sang village tragedy occurred, a man armed with a kitchen knife to his ex-wife and children of their own seriously slashed, including 9-year-old daughter, his son is only 7 years old. Currently, the children were not out of danger.See his ex-wife to take a kitchen knife attack alarm10.

it suddenly came to a man stole her money. “The man of medium height, more than 20 years old, wearing blue jeans, ran in that direction …” Ms. Liu made a very detailed. Experienced police observed Miss Liu looked very calm, unlike ordinary women after people have been robbed criminals often panic. And, she suspects physical characteristics put special detail, as if she knew the man. Subsequently, the police will bring it back inside the police station for further understanding. Sure enough, under police questioning, Ms. Liu can not be justified, and finally had to explain the truth.It turned out that Miss Liu mouth robbers actually met her male friends in the micro-channel Zhang. Miss Liu do KTV waitress, when Zhang with friends go to KTV consumption.

with the micro-channel “shake” to Ms. Liu. People see her pretty, Zhang began hot pursuit. They first letter in the micro hot chat, Miss Liu Zhang wanted to help “Booking” to take care of their own performance, and Zhang will want a relationship with her, described their own needs. On the micro letter, Zhang performance is very generous,zanotti pas cher, saying that to take care of Ms. Liu’s business,christian louboutin, but in fact he had never go alone KTV consumption. In the “micro chat” two months later, Ms. Liu Zhang finally offered to and relationship. After some bargaining, the final three thousand dollars traded.Zhang will fear Repudiation, Miss Liu also specifically asked him beforehand, in the end there is no money. Zhang answered very simply: “I took my bank card, the money will take you to the bank to get.” The evening of December 4, the two meet in a hotel in Jiangning, Zhang also specifically presented four different banks. bank card to show their money. Subsequently, the two clouds and rain. When done,chaussure zanotti, let Zhang pay Miss Liu, Zhang took her to the bank to get it. As a result, the four banks Lianpao,doudoune pjs, withdrawals are not successful, because Zhang bank card each time you enter the password display is wrong. At this time, Ms. Liu Zhang did not realize that the money might be a lie,abercrombie pas cher, he came to fight him,christian louboutin cheap, Zhang then ran away. See Paoyuan Zhang,tiffany milano, Ms. Liu chase to catch up, think about gas, however, they called false police report,Giuseppe Zanotti, pretended to be robbed. Currently, the police found Zhang. For Miss Liu said, acknowledging Zhang. Police prostitution law for them to make the appropriate order punishment.Xianyang newspaper (Reporter Chen Lei column) November 10.