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at a press conference that was held on the 10th of Sardinia, Tarantini did carry several beautiful women to attend the dinner party, “These girls are as his friend was brought all his acquaintances. ” Berlusconi also emphasized that he definitely did not come with money in exchange for any sexual services.Berlusconi said: “I have never had to spend even one euro in exchange for sexual services I say this is because, for those who love to conquer, the joy and the best meet of the process comes from the conquest if you spend. money to buy, I ask you, what joy it? “Tarantini has previously revealed that at least 30 call girls participated in Berlusconi’s party, because some of them to provide sexual services to obtain thousands remuneration of the euro, but there are some girls are only paid tolls.Italian prosecutors in July this year to provide Tarantini Berlusconi call girl suspected to conduct the investigation. The results show that in September 2008 to January 2009 period, Tarantini Berlusconi held for 18 games party provides at least 30 call girls.

surgical removal surgery.According to Yichang Central Hospital Urology Dong Ziqiang introduction, this absurd man over 40 years old, at home, the plastic insert the cord from the urethra, unexpectedly, the rope can not be pulled out after the urethra multiple coiled knot. More seriously,abercrombie pas cher, dysuria, urinary symptoms shortly after the man difficulty, due to difficult discharge of urine, urine concentration of bladder pain, the man panicked, no matter how pull rope is not out, then hurried to the hospital help.After admissions physician immediately for men urethroscopy and film, most found the rope into the bladder,pjs doudoune, urethral stricture at most played four knot around the ball.

including five people were paid �1,000 respectively and Bellusco Nepalese sex.

stubbornly stuck meatal remaining 10 cm rope stump.After the rope stuck together with urethral mucosal edema, more difficult to remove,air max homme, if forcibly tug will cause damage to the urethra, causing urinary tract bleeding,hogan, infection, urethral stricture or other serious consequences. Consider the patient’s condition,tiffany, doctors decided surgery. Finally, the “accident” rope was removed successfully. The measured 1.1 meters long rope, like cannabis has been distorted.Doctors advise that foreign matter inside the bladder will bring symptoms dysuria, hematuria, abdominal pain or difficulty urinating, severe cases can lead to bladder ulcers,abercrombie france, perforations and other consequences. Should there are special circumstances,boutique louboutin paris, we must promptly to the hospital, should not themselves. (End)(Original title: Hubei Yichang a man for the sake of the one meter long cord stimulation stabbed urethra Remember the Russian spy Anna who before beauty? Chapman it? 27, Anna participated in the model held in Moscow Fashion Week, she was able to dress up fashion, onto the T station later became the focus of attention.Serves the same day, with the other models is different, Anna neither choice exaggerated costumes,parajumpers femme, nor choose feminine clothes,nike air max, but dressed very cool, diamond-studded black leather jacket collar jacket, pants tight black jeans,louboutins, at the foot Banlu foot pair of black high heels, but giving her wavy hair Anna diminished charm on stage, the audience attracted fans applause.This is not the first time Anna boarded the T station, and in 2011 a year after the end of espionage career, she first appeared in Russian Fashion Week,chaussure tn pas cher, genuine Russian armed male singer Zimmer? Bilan serves the same stage, the unique shape makes She immediately boarded the headlines.Last November,hollister france, after Chapman’s successful transformation in the role of the business elite of training courses to teach entrepreneurs the secret of its success.

but also hired the two monitors, to keep the elephant’s whereabouts, timely warning and so on. With the increase in the number of elephants this year, we have decided to add two monitors in a few days. However,christian louboutin sale, this proposal also submitted for approval, who has not yet hillock recommended the villagers, we will take full account of. ” Guochong Wei introduced for Asian elephant conservation and increase damage compensation last year, they have specialized organizations and the masses of cadres and workers,giubbotti woolrich, has donated more than 20 million of money, and the money in cash before the Spring Festival to the damaged farmers. The accident,zanotti pas cher, they have organized sector workers, civil affairs, forestry, public security went to visit and comfort the families. Next, they will deal with related issues. (Reporter Huang Xinghong Spring City EvenBEIJING, April 2 Yichang electricity (Liwan Jiang but the military) Yichang Central People’s Hospital on April 2 news, a man for the sake of local irritation, trying to shift more than 1 meter long, about 4 mm thick with a skipping rope plastic cord, from the urethra into the bladder, the last being rushed into hospital.

she quoted the late Apple CEO Steve? Jobs’ own words to explain The secret of success, it is “active in the face of life.”June 2010, the US government announced a Russian spy ring uncovered and arrested 10 Russian agents, accusing them of using a pseudonym in American life for many years to penetrate, as Moscow offers a lot of valuable information. US and Russian government later agreed, the two sides on July 9 that year in Vienna,giuseppe zanotti, Austria, were the largest since the end of the Cold War spy swap,abercrombie france, Anna is one of them. (CGlobal Times special correspondent Donna reported, according to the British “Times” reported on September 11,pjs doudoune, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi on the 10th to the outside world for the first time admitted that the Italian businessman Giampaolo – Tarantini did bring beauty to join his party. But Berlusconi also stressed that he definitely did not come with money in exchange for sexual services.Berlusconi after talks with Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.