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she wanted to care about people in the news, it is easy to forget about others.Courage to introspection,abercrombie pas cher, always headstrongChai Jing Chen horsefly is the old leadership CCTV News Commentary Department initially invited him to join the CCTV Chai Jing,hollister site officiel, also the most affected people Chaijing he Chaijing usual requirements are: learn to be tolerant.”Tolerance is based on understanding.” After over 10 years of experience through “investigative journalism”, “face to face” and other programs, white mouth Chen horsefly tolerance, “Only a profound understanding of things, in order to have knowledge and understanding of the complexity of the world and, not only easy to blame and praise the habit of thinking. ” Chai Jing in her new book.

she wrote in a blog, when “in an interview on the eve of an important,christian louboutin shoes, there is pressure, she (Chaijing) easy on the people closest to freak,parajumpers paris, but after the release of tension and stress, she would in a hotel, like a young girl singing happily. “Although often able to do self-examination,christian louboutin shoes, but it is very difficult to get rid of the inertia of thinking. Chai Jing Chen gadfly has once said: “You do not think I said the truth, you’re thinking: I have my sense that this is a problem is the exclusion you learn in social life and way of thinking.”Chai Jing believes reporters should be “harsh on the matter of human tolerance.” But faced with a variety of people and things are intertwined daily,hogan outlet, which is difficult to distinguish the boundaries again.Capricorn Chai Jing, sometimes showing stubborn and persistent. But her spiritual introspection on business, so coworkers admire. She returned to the program group of colleagues sent a couplet: “Chai Xiaojing, courage introspection,hollister pas cher, always capricious.”From mind to question the way from then to body language expression. Some people do not understand Chaijing would think she was a little too with their “rivalry.” In fact, people do not care to see Chai Jing and her standards, but in their hearts want to be able to achieve “approaching the limits of self.””I do not want to be loved, I want to be respected. If I want to please anyone, I can not respect themselves. In short, the greatest resistance to the direction to go, do not loose the mental muscles.” Said Chai Jing The “resistance”, both the resistance and the external pressure, including its own inertia and burnout.Chai Jing said he once said in an interview a child crying and asked, feeling very depressed, she asked the German volunteers Loewe: “? So how hard is it to get rid of the problems.

“see”, the written his own for “tolerance” of understanding.However, this understanding of the process,nike air max femme, Chai Jing has gone through quite a long period of time.Chai Jing early in the “investigative journalism” has done a series of in-depth reports. Chinese Music College Admissions shady survey of migrant workers owed wages chain survey,christian louboutin outlet, Chinese gay living conditions survey, “child cat” incident investigation and so on. Bishi Chaijing Si-dimensional careful, logical, imposing sharp, often “lock on”, completely without feminine air.At the same time, it was also questioned Chaijing style. “This reporter words with sarcasm,soldes louboutin, at every step.” In an interview, a factory because of contamination being investigated, the person in charge to face the camera refuses to acknowledge. After a series of questioning, Chai Jing body back, leaning back in his chair, with a mocking smile face.Fan Ming doing now “see” part of the director.

the interviewee to express too sprinkle encountered the idea that she would advise each other and sort out thoughts repeat; encountered interviewed leave away, she would not think of it as a gimmick and victories,parajumpers homme, but will in the program the man to open the solution. “CCTV host Lu Yiming evaluation program outside Chaijing very “quiet” dinner when not like to talk, do not like trouble, like to listen to. However,orecchini tiffany, as long as she discusses the news, she began to move up. “When I saw her show, I sometimes discuss the news with her placement, she will be very serious reply message to discuss business issues.”Chaijing life is a “random” people: lack a sense of direction, forgetful. Sometimes friends, she was rushing to pay, but found no wallet. But one into the working state, the mind becomes very clear Chaijing “every discussion topics, can be a chain of strong rational persuasion of others.

” Loewe said: “Otherwise,peuterey, we have to be so long life do what? “”See” the producer Li Lun said: “CCTV 10 years, changes Chaijing not subversive, is the growth style,nike tn 2014, before she edge, Smart, emphasizing the scene of fierce sense in” see “, she became more generosity of. “Match firewood, quiet quietCCTV decade, let Chaijing become more “quiet.” But chaijing that “I have not reached that far from ‘static’ word.””See” the Chaijing not aggressive, she began to pay attention to “feel” more than “truth”; “understand” the world’s conflicts are more “revealing”; “wide understanding” human weakness than “critical.” Fan Ming wrote in her blog. “In the interview.

only the later of friendship and devotion togetherness cooperation.”In fact, Chai Jing is the purest expression of true,hogan sito ufficiale, so many people feel that she’s not used to unreal.” CCTV host such an evaluation. Chai Jing Qiu Qiming partner and do “24 hours” news programs broadcast,red bottom shoes, Qiu Qiming happen to suffer from cold,doudoune moncler pas cher, cough very badly for a moment, Chai Jing said in the live show, the blind cold too much, this news I have to help him broadcast, and then took his manuscript directly.Chai Jing’s move frightened directed,basket louboutin, cut the picture too busy running around in circles, he had never seen such anchor. Chai Jing said she was used as a way to do journalism chair.