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these afflictions suffered against brothers together specially photographed a group photo.Dong Yi: took a group photo after the start grouping,abercrombie roma, those of us who went in together, decided to take a photo. I was impressed that Zhang Datong was standing very close to the place. From my experience,woolrich donna, this photograph is a silent revolt of it,woolrich milano, we have the courage to resist positive,bracciale tiffany, suggesting that Zhang Datong can stand together, we communicate among each other before,hogan interactive, we know what he did do.Zhen Hao: Zhang Datong was there,hollister e co, he was very sensitive to ask you what this is a group, of course, we did not respond to him.Commentary: At that time, Zhang Datong in any case would not have thought, ten years later, it was this picture of seven people to stand up shoulder to shoulder once again,hollister lille horaires, the real name revealed his behavior. This proposal was initiated Yi winter, one thing he encountered made him feel that he can no longer remain silent.Yue Dong: US out of a big case, Jerry Sandusky of Pennsylvania State University’s case, for my own great touch.Commentary: Dong Yi said, is the Pennsylvania State University football team rape incident. In 2011,louboutin chaussures, allegations that assistant coach Sandusky sexually abusing underage boys for years. Subsequent investigation showed that true, also found that coach Joe Paterno assistant coach � evil already informed,hogan uomo, but it hidden. The coach taught for 46 years, brilliant record, lofty reputation, even as he molded the local statue. Things came to light.

such as forcing a child exposed to physical,woolrich outlet, shooting nude,hollister site officiel, it will also cause serious psychological damage, if too Less than proper help,hollister abercrombie, trauma is likely to continue into adulthood, and even affect his life. Grace initiator this activity named “indestructible”,orecchini tiffany, for many victims, they come out to face the camera, but also in the transfer of mutual faith and courage to cross the inner trauma. It was also perfectly understandable reasons, although the decision to participate, but chose not to face the camera. And Yi-hao and winter, when the pain from confusion, to ten years after the decision to report,tiffany firenze, in fact, gone through a difficult journey.Commentary: This photo was taken 16 years ago. That summer,gioielli tiffany, the school high school graduation photo shoot.

his idol overnight from the public to ruin, he was expelled from the university will, the statue has been removed.Reporter: a highly respected person, but concealed the assistant behavior, he would get such a treatment, this thing is to convey to you what kind of information.Yue Dong: As a society, this thing is an attitude of zero tolerance, not just the perpetrators of sexual assault, can not tolerate such a person, and not expose will be subject to moral condemnation. I was a great touch,christian louboutin pas cher, always feel like a victim, because the first time I felt, to some extent I do Zhang Datong accomplice.Reporter: Do you think if I say it, I might be less people suffered behind me the same thing?Dong Yi: right. I think because of the kids, my guilt is more intense, and I think I said it once, I can tell my kids I have 15 years in spite of late, but I did what I had to do.Commentary: Dong Yi initiated after the proposal, the victims after a long hard struggle psychological, and finally decided to implement the report. Last June, led by Yi Dong issued a report on the microblogging posts.

no one can talk to, no one can help, psychological above is subject to how much pressure and torture. The psychological impact is greater than the physical, the impact on the body may be a short time, but the psychological trauma is permanent, so ignore the psychological harm is unscientific, but also inhumane.Commentary: Long Di is an associate researcher at Institute of Psychology, the psychological impact of sexual abuse of minors would have done a special study, and some of the victims were children and families through the in-depth exchanges. She told us, Yi Dong-ho and feelings are universal, many victims will have remorse emotions, afraid to talk to others, I feel betrayed by the world.Long Di: betrayal caused great trauma for children, this is the influence of his worldview, and values. When a person experiences growing up, if he can not feel the world is safe and can not build a relationship of trust with people, how tragic that his life.Commentary: Two years ago,giuseppe zanotti homme, an American girl named Grace launched a campaign to encourage sexual assault victims she bravely stood up to say the offender was written on paper.

photographs published in his hand on the network, in order to arouse public wary of such evil. This event has now been collected thousands of pieces of photos of victims, many of whom are victims of sexual abuse of minors at the time. The paper reproduced from the conversation, the victim was able to imagine the fear and helplessness.Long Di: Almost every child sexual abuse victims will blame themselves, some offenders will continue with the child that you are wrong, the offender will tell them that you are not allowed to speak with others, how others will tell how like yours.Commentary: in particular, need to wake up, according to World Health Organization study, in addition to rape, indecent assault,abercrombie et fitch, sexual abuse, although some do not have physical contact.










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