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etc., then cf same scale private enterprise executives give the same level.French industrial and commercial enterprises and administrative systems will be on a strict distinction between the law, it is difficult to perform and pay civil servants in the former standard. But because the state is a major shareholder, and therefore specific policies, including salary levels, the state can still intervene accordingly. Hollande after the May 2012 presidential election, the then Minister of Production revitalization Montebourg told the media: “All countries accounted for the majority of the shares of our companies will impose wage restraint policy; all countries account for a small share of the business, we will try to convince them to do so. “AFP analysis was that the move more symbolic,abercrombie soldes, because the country shares an absolute majority of businesses in France only six. Reported that pay the highest wages and measures aimed at 1-20 times the minimum wage between. Thus.

the leaders also overpaid,abercrombie, while Hollande is required to reduce salary differences in response to the crisis during the general staff dissatisfaction.Currently, issues related to the use of administrative measures to reduce state-owned enterprises who pay are still provoke discussion, “Le Figaro” and other media that the use of administrative measures to cut executive pay will result in the loss of state-owned enterprises of the elite, in addition to the presence of the person in charge should be paid to their assume leadership responsibility, legal liability issues do not coincide,doudoune moncler femme, the superior-subordinate relationship will become particularly subtle.Singapore’s state-owned enterprises with private treatmentSingapore’s state-owned operator always learn from the outside world. Singapore’s state-owned enterprises so-called “government-linked companies’ (government-linked companies, the abbreviation GLC), the Ministry of Finance on behalf of the Singapore government’s Temasek Holdings entirely its affiliated companies.Oversee the new government reflected in the supervision of state-owned Temasek such companies.

state-owned enterprises with private treatment is basically no difference, either stock or options, as long as help improve the talent competition, are allowed a.In Asia, with India since independence,tiffany outlet italia, planned economy for years to sing the protagonist, state-owned and therefore occupy a pivotal position in the national economy. According to statistics,parka woolrich, India has more than 250 enterprises directly under central government,hogan scarpe, the states of about 900 enterprises directly. India’s state-owned quite ordinary people criticized that the existence of mismanagement, low productivity and other issues, but rarely talk on the state executive.In fact, the income gap between India’s state-owned enterprise executives and general staff great. In Delhi Metro’s case: the company’s employee compensation levels can be divided into 17 grades, grassroots practice in basic wages of employees for 73,hollister site officiel,000 rupees, plus various allowances after 120,000 rupees (about 12.

the company would like to submit regular financial statements, the Ministry of Finance,hollister italia, the Ministry of Finance to keep abreast of business conditions and pay. Board members, few are civil servants, they represent government oversight enterprises, wages paid by the government, aimed at ensuring justice supervision, as well as motivate the government to implement incentives for company directors appointed under operating conditions.Singapore’s state-owned enterprises operate normally managed by professional managers who are not civil servants, private sector employees whose salaries by treatment. It is understood that Temasek management remuneration and long-term, sustainable performance-related. In 2004,hogan scarpe, Temasek launched a pay system, staff salaries are divided into base salary, benefits, bonuses and performance indicators WA incentive schemes four parts. Among them, the wealth of value-added incentive plan bonus paid half of the spot, the other half of the company’s future performance depends on the delay in payment of 3-12. Since 2004,ciondolo tiffany, the majority of the members of the bonus Temasek executives delayed payment of 3-12 years. When the 2008 financial crisis,hollister felpe, Temasek executives voluntary pay cuts, ranging up to 25%.Former managing director of Temasek Lim Hwee Hua has said Temasek in Singapore and other state-owned enterprises, as a result of a very clear division between government and enterprises.

some of the boss’s income will be greatly reduced, such as EDF boss annual salary of 1.55 million euros, will now be reduced by nearly 70%,abercrombie soldes france, which is 20 times the company’s minimum wage. In fact,tiffany collane, countries have different minimum and maximum salary differences between enterprises, such as the Paris airport company the biggest gap is only 22.6 times, while the power company is up to 80 times, 35 times Post Group.Subsequently,hogan interactive uomo, the French introduced the bill stipulates that all state-owned enterprises or state is a major shareholder of the enterprise, which represents the national interests of executives to take the company up to 10% of the minimum wage by 20 times the average wage salary, the highest annual salary not more than 450,giuseppe zanotti pas cher,000 euros. External revenue but professional managers is not on this within the law. Where there are other state-owned capital in accordance with this Act apply as much as possible, but because the state does not account for the majority of the shares,hogan 2014 donna, so the final decision made by the board of directors.After this bill,hollister pas cher, there were many French SOE managers greatly exceed income,abercrombie pas cher, president, chairman of the phenomenon. French economist De Lima said this analysis, which indicates a significant change in national policy: Sarkozy demands of the times as profitable state-owned enterprises.

000 yuan) , while the highest executives of a file annual income of Rs 2.475 million.India’s state-owned enterprises and the poor income gap does not lead to social criticism, because India itself is a great disparity of wealth. Ambani, chairman of Reliance Group.