Active Roles of Mining Machines in Production of Quartz Sand

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However, with improved performance, more and more customers choose to use a cone crusher. As we all know, cone crusher is usually used as the secondary crusher which is more advanced than other machines. Because it can make the material uniform, so it can do better with the sand making machine. In addition, with a hydraulic system, the cone crusher is of high-degree automation, which is not able to be matched with most crushers. Quartz sand has become a very popular filter, but because that the natural river sand quartz sand are generally subject to water corrosion for a long time, so the intensity will be relatively low.

Consequently many users will choose to use man-made quartz sand whose raw material will go through the crushing, screening, washing and other steps, until be processed to the desired fineness. In the process of crushing, jaw crusher is often used in the past as the secondary crushing equipment. At present, due to the demand for artificial sand is quite large, some unqualified enterprises are producing inferior artificial sand with simple sand making machines, which not only causes the users to pay much more cost than usual and more serious is that the quality of concrete can not meet the requirements and directly affects the quality of the construction project. Looking from the present situation, the production of inferior or substandard artificial sand except for management conditions of enterprises, the major reason is that the sand making machines can not meet the requirements.

On the other hand, there is a concept that use crusher more and mill less, so use the cone crusher can achieve better crushing effect and do a good preparation for the grinding process. Because the power consuming of crusher is less than those of grinding mills, so use cone crusher can also save energy consuming, so as well as the cost of user. Henan Hongxing Machinery Co., Ltd. is a well-known domestic production of crushing and screening equipment in china, its cone crusher is of reliable quality, reasonable price, complete model, so it worth considering of users!