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Our company new launched super large stone crushing processing stone per hour maximum yield can reach more than 1000t, the new stone quarry crusher equipment represents domestic and a full set of production line of new models, fully meet the needs of mining enterprises in the quarry, the crushing and processing such as stones under different conditions on the production line performance, reliability, wear resistance of high efficient production demand.

Our company produces a full set of stone processing stone crushing machinery through the design and development of new, in the modern production plant, machine tools, processing equipment with the most advanced crushing machine, the machine parts are fully consistent with the modern machinery quality standard, and the whole production line equipment has obtained the domestic and foreign production enterprise support.

New stone crushing processing stone production line with support power more advanced, with various modern crushing standard, and the use of more advanced and automatic maintenance of hydraulic jacking device, optimization, control technology, make the whole of the whole production line installed power and control system can effectively combined, improve the processing stone production, reduce the overall energy consumption in production, processing to improve the production performance of the production line, but also different equipment to choose according to different ore processing characteristic, according to different production line supporting way, can make the different production consumption and production efficiency to achieve the perfect balance.

The stone crusher has fully demonstrated our mature technology, production technology and reliable structure, hydraulic system, technology of crushing cavity structure and all reliable from different internal, and using the matching control technique of efficient, reliable dust removal system, has the characteristics of long service, thereby enhancing the durability of the equipment.

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