Advantages Of The Double Teeth Roll Crusher

Double teeth roll crusher is applied to the industries such as the coal, cement, glass, construction material, etc. It is suitable for crushing fragile materials of soft and middle hardness. According practical comparison, compared with the common traditional crusher, double teeth roll crusher owns the following advantages:1. High production capacity, low operation cost.
The teeth number of the double roll crusher is very big. The installation position of the tooth and the design distance make sure that the qualified particles can pass the crushing part directly, which makes the power consumption lower. This unique design makes the double teeth roll crusher a high production capacity in low revolving speed and abrasion.
2. Low powder rate, good granularity.
The double teeth roll crusher uses compound crushing method instead of impact method. This method does not produce secondary crush, so the powder rate is very low. Once the central distance of the two teeth rolls is fixed, it crushes the material hardly in moment and makes sure the uniformity of the material discharge.
gold mining stone crushing south africa 3. Standard structure.
Standard module combination teethed plate owns interchangeability and commonality. This reduces both the change circle of the toothed plate and the operating cost. The roll ring number of crushing screening plant in south africa every roll axis, the roller teeth on the gear ring, and the distance between the two axis can be adjusted to satisfy different granularity requirements.
4. small scale gold mining equipment Self-cleaning function.
The revolving speed of the double tooth roll crusher is low, and big roll can tease each other in the revolving process. Therefore, it can process big humidity materials, while other crushers will produce a lot of trouble.