Advantages of High Quality Sand Making Machine

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Sand making machine is suitable for fine and fine ore and rock of different hardness, such as iron ore, nonferrous metal ore, carborundum, bauxite, quartz sand, perlite, and other high hardness materials. The new type of high efficiency sand making machine has added hydraulic equipment and oil lubrication station and unique feeding system, which makes the new sand machine have the characteristics of high energy and low consumption, excellent grain type, easy maintenance, automatic maintenance, safety and reliability. The new sand making machine is widely used in the production technology of high speed railway, cement concrete aggregate and so on in the field of engineering. It has achieved good results since the market of thermal power, steel slag and broken environmental protection projects in the field of mining.

Advantages of high efficiency sand making machine

1. the crusher ratio of efficient sand making machine can reach more than 50, while jaw crusher, shale crusher and wet crusher can hardly exceed 20..

2. high throughput and high output —-50–500t/h, compared with the same power sand making equipment, the output increased by 35%. And the performance is relatively stable.

3. easy loss parts consumption low – the reasonable material impact speed design and wear resistant parts friction less than the traditional equipment operating costs 30% lower, directly reduce the use cost of impact crusher, greatly improve the profit rate of the machine.

4. the finished product is good, that is, it has six sides and multi prism, and is reasonable, especially used with plastic sand and stone. After many customers prove that the comprehensive effect of sand making and plastic shaping is 30% higher than that of other equal power equipment.

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