Advantages of VSI5X Sand Making Machine in Various Fields

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Sand making machine is widely used, equipment technology and daily progress. Domestic manufacturers of sand making machine is also making great efforts to introduce advanced technology of foreign sand making machines on the basis of developing sand making machines suitable for domestic market. The application field of sand making machine is only in the field of engineering and mining. In the field of engineering, sand making machine is an ideal production equipment for bedding, asphalt concrete and cement concrete aggregate. In the field of mining, sand making machine is widely used in the process of grinding before grinding, and a large amount of powder ore is produced in the process to reduce the high cost of grinding load.

The design of sand machine has superior technical performance. It is a more effective, more practical and reliable crushing equipment for medium and fine materials. It is suitable for making the medium and fine pieces of materials such as abrasive, refractory, cement, metallurgical slag, quartz sand, iron ore, river pebble, limestone, concrete aggregate, asphalt aggregate, stone plastic and so on. It is a high energy and low consumption gravel and sand making equipment. The optimized design of the new VSI5X sand making machine with deep cavity rotor has increased the material throughput by about 30%. The better discharge port and interior smooth curve design reduce the flow resistance of material and greatly improve the material passing capacity.

The vsi5x sand making machine adopts diamond shaped impact block to avoid damaging the vertical plate after impact and wear. The core wear-resistant material is highly wear resistant and high temperature resistant material used in important industries in the United States. The panel can be used upwards and downwards after partial wear, so that the material utilization ratio can be increased, and the service life can be increased by more than 48%. The dual-purpose dispersing plate is simple in operation, and realizes two feeding modes to facilitate conversion. The hydraulic opening device with imported Japanese fittings can move the upper and lower cover conveniently and quickly, so that the internal parts of the repair body can be saved and labor saved. The new sand making machine adopts the skillful transformation of the principle of “stone beating stone” and “stone beating iron”, which has broad prospects for development in the mechanism sand industry.

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