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the development of urban construction funds focused on village land, mainly through financing.But by the last two years of real estate regulation,requin tn pas cher, focusing on village land originally planned collective balance traded delays, affecting the capital return. In November last year, in December, the Ministry continues to issue “for the Suppression of Financing of Local Government illegal behavior,tn requin,” which “on the strengthening of land reserves and financing management notice.” As a result,giubbotti peuterey, local governments in the past by injecting public assets, land and financing platform to practice packing blocked.Keywords: farmers,tn soldes, “demobilized”Caqianfei fitness room in the hand would not do dirty work”Reconstruction of the Village of Beijing in the employment problems of farmers” proposed initiative landless peasants serious unemployment.In Xibeiwang Town as an example, the town government for TangGuLing and Doi village arranged 100 jobs,red bottom boots, but actually only 20 posts. The town government had 272 trained workforce Class 7 positions,air max pas cher, move back to the process, the property company to hire only 110 people, but these people do is not done soon, too small or too tired to make money.Reported that the unemployment situation of this initiative is very common, especially among young people,louboutins, the unemployment rate reached 20 percent.

“Reconstruction of the Village of Beijing farmers in employment issues” were mentioned to the above-mentioned problems.50 key villages renovation starting in 2009, the transformation of a total area of ��85.3 square kilometers, household population of 21.4 million people involved, more than 100 million migrants. Which TangGuLing, North Hollywood,red bottom men shoes, big Wangjing village demolition had caused widespread concern in the community.Following the 50 key villages,christian louboutin paris, there are 227 villages in the city to be transformed. Two Blue Book reports are presented, analyzed the difficulties and problems encountered in 50 key villages,barbour soldes, will provide the next draw Beijing urban and rural transformation ideas. � Events � 2005,hollister abercrombie, the municipal government announced a 3-year period within the remediation and Beijing Olympic venues around the Fourth Ring Road 171 “Villages.” � December 2008 Beijing Municipal Committee issued “on the lead in the formation of the CPC Beijing Municipal new pattern of integration of urban and rural economic and social development of opinions”,giubbotto peuterey, to start the Beijing urban high comprehensive reform pilot to deployment. � 2009 the reform started from two pilot sites. � 2010 the municipal government as a whole urbanization project started 50 key villages, to proceed with the “Villages” construction management. � By the end of 2012, the transformation of 50 key villages demolition work has been completed,Giuseppe Zanotti Pas Cher, move back to work is gradually implemented. � FocusKeywords: financial constraintsKey village to borrow money “for” loan eligibilityHaidian District.

Fengtai District and Village project is the focus of 50 “heavy head”, the transformation of a total number of 16 villages.”Practice and Thinking of Beijing’s urban construction key village” proposed in the pre-construction, relocation and resettlement housing construction vacate 16 villages need about 73 billion of funds,tn pas cher, but also add up to 16 all-village assets can not meet capital requirements. In order to meet the need for bank loans require 20% of its own funds,nike tn 2014, the focus of the village through the village to the other to borrow money to meet loan conditions.At present,hollister site officiel, the general focus of the village into a financing bottleneck. Report suggested that “if the financing environment remains severe, future capital chain rupture, not only may affect the pre-construction,barbour pas cher, and will be limited to direct the focus of the subsequent development of the village.”16 villages original financing plan is good “day money”: with “yesterday’s money” – the potential value of the land fund balance; use “tomorrow’s money” – accepted by the market value of land resources to achieve financing to start funds; with “Today’s money” – government investment funds to withstand financial activate. In other words.