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namely starting price of 10 yuan (3 km), priced 2 yuan per kilometer,parajumpers femme, while more than 15 kilometers away from the unit price go up to 3 yuan per kilometer. 23:00 in the morning to 5:00 at night to perform their prices are standard, that is the starting price 11 yuan, price 2.4 yuan per kilometer, more than 15 km to 3.6 yuan float unit price, unit price go up 20 percent compared to the daytime.Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission announced on April 22, to be convened in the near future to adjust and improve their prices Beijing taxi fuel surcharge dynamic adjustment mechanism hearings.Are taxi tariffs should rise it? Wang Limei that “positioning should be a special taxi service special needs, the city’s transportation system should be a division of labor,parajumpers homme, especially as Beijing,barbour paris, Guangzhou.

friends of my mother acting,abercrombie france, impeBEIJING, May 6 (by Wang Shuo) Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission will soon convene and improve fuel surcharges dynamic adjustment mechanism of hearing. Taxi upcoming news of price increases immediately spread like wildfire,abercrombie paris, “hearsay” and even predict the starting price will rise to 15 yuan. Discussion of price adjustment from pure price increase derived or controversial violent taxi industry Boli, and discuss industry reform direction.Secretary-General of the China Road Transport Association Wang Limei accept WASHINGTON reporters that the discussion around the types of taxis should return to reason, to improve and enhance the industry not only to improve the taxi drivers’ income,escarpins louboutin, it should be a package solution .Dispute 1: taxi tariffs should rise?Expert: Taxi positioning should be a special service revenue comparison brother should referenceSince May 20, 2006, Beijing taxi criteria were adjusted their prices, while establishing the cost of rent price linkage mechanism. Currently,escarpins louboutin, Beijing taxi fee is still in use to this standard.