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Tianjin,air max bw pas cher, Shanxi and other 13 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) of the provincial outstanding students recommended qualification situation. Among them, the largest number of Henan Province,red bottom shoes, 147 people, followed by 117 people, Shandong, Guangdong,air jordan pas cher, 111 people, and the remaining 10 provinces did not exceed 80 people.Publicity for students walked from the situation, a great difference in the provinces.Hubei Province, more complete publicity, publicity of the candidate number, the student’s name,tn, school graduation,air jordan, college admission and “walks characteristics” (why admission). But publicity Hunan no “walks characteristics” in this column.

no walks students from rural areas.Thermal Engineering, Tsinghua University, 2011 a student presentation, their class 23 students, 10 walks students are not rural household.Renmin University of China who had been at work in the student’s classmates said, the NPC walks students enrolled each year is not that much, generally not more than 100 people,peuterey spaccio, “rural students are very rare, at least in my work this year has not seen from Rural students walked. “As the “super school” on the front of the top Chinese university students unripe monopoly, and these “super school” most of them are located in the city,louboutin prix, therefore,red bottom men shoes, urban students get the recommended qualification for advantage.Chen Jinhui think, more importantly, walks up to you what the school. If you are reading in rural counties or ordinary, it basically did not get the first prize Orsay possible.He said he is a township primary school first, but can only be routed into the county’s junior class ten. Former county middle school is 20.

primary and secondary schools nationwide computer production activities section winners; International Science and Engineering Fair or international environmental research projects Olympiad winners; Foreign Language Middle School Ministry of Education has approved the recommendation of the recommended walks students qualified high school graduates; medalists; Public Security martyrs children.However, Jiangxi, Hubei since 2005 on the abolition of provincial outstanding students enjoy walks and Youhuijiafen policy also cancel Zhejiang provincial excellent student walks Jiafenzhengce from 2008 onwards.Reporters saw “Sunshine entrance” net only publicity of Beijing.

but into the city’s high school, in class just downstream. “I have to work very hard to get the results later.”Students from the “super school” does not mean the existence of corruption in admissions and other issues, in fact, the “super school” of unripe really excels. Yu Xin said his undergraduate class of five students walked in,hollister soldes, there are four grades are good, “5 overall quality is also very cattle.”Thermal Engineering, Tsinghua University, 2011 there are 10 students in the class walks, seven former class score all walks students.Tsinghua University, dean of admissions at Han also said that after the school,red bottom platform pumps, most students walked into the school entrance examination compared to students studying on the basis of a thicker,nike tn, more interest, the preliminary results of “Decade survey students’ ongoing display of Tsinghua University, walks students was significantly higher than the average school entrance examination of the overall level of students, and self-enrollment levels roughly equal; and in a variety of academic, scientific and technological universities in the contest, walks students compared to other types of candidates obviously “came out on top.” .Not conducive to the balanced development of educationMay 2012.

Shanghai unpublicized “walks characteristics”,nike tn officiel, Heilongjiang Province, is not public school enrollment.Henan publicity, as compared with the Hubei Province,nike tn 2014, more than a code and gender information institutions, but there is no publicity candidate number. “Walks feature” is also a “feature code” instead,barbour paris, such as 11, 21 and so on. Shaanxi is the publicity carried out by the schools do not.Fewer opportunities for rural walks CandidatesIron Bridge intern leaves the reporter Zhang Ye Hao Shuai Bin is Tsinghua University 2011 students,tn pas chere, he was walked on Qinghua: the third year semester, he won first prize in the National Mathematical Olympiad, which walks students get exam qualifications. After the written test and interview, that he became a member of the 40%.As rural candidates from Shandong Liaocheng, Chen Jinhui particularly difficult. A variety of data indicate that the proportion of rural students in walks students than the proportion of rural students admitted to the University is much lower.Tsinghua University,tn, “Learning and Development Chinese Students Longitudinal Study,” Task Force survey, the family seat of the capital city for the students,red bottom flats, the possibility of obtaining recommended qualification is 11.1 times the outskirts of rural students.Ed.D.,air max bw pas cher, Education Examination Study of Fujian Research Associate Lolli wish also found that school children walked to the city the opportunity to obtain admission system is 17.2 times that of rural children.Various data show that the gap between urban and rural walks students to become one of the current education uneven performance.Hard to find a good university countryside walks studentsTsinghua University School of Journalism and Communication, 2007 undergraduate students, 2011 graduate Yu Xin memories, where a total undergraduate grade their own 42 people, including five walks students, they all come from the Foreign Language School.Yu Xin currently serves 2011 undergraduate journalism school counselor, two classes of 49 people, there are eight walks students.