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after which she dared not close niu up.Tragic scene8-year-old daughter looked at her mother and brother drowningNiu was sitting in the van at this time, the hand holding two mobile phones, a small head shake to and fro, looked at the crowd gathered outside the car. “Mom opened the car,air max femme, with my brother,air max femme pas cher, brother,louboutin homme pas cher, grandmother came here.” Niu mouth is her grandmother’s grandmother,hogan olympia donna, her cousin sat holding niu,tiffany outlet, look sad, two sluggish.”Mom give it away to the 302 station, where, when my brother wanted to come say good thermal reservoir playing days, my mother does not agree, but then still with us here.” This is the niu memory,christian louboutin, there will be a reason why people Tsuen lake in less reason “Grandma and brother sitting in the car, my mother took me and my brother to the lake.”For memory and brother, my mother stay in the lake, the small niu some confusion, “My brother in the water, the water to the neck,moncler sito ufficiale, no, my brother is not a swim … … nor fall to” think of some urgency here niu ,abercrombie milano, clutching his ears and stared at the police head cousin Zhi Huang, yell: “I do not remember, do not remember …” slightly tearful voice.Niu To be sure, she saw “my brother back to me to lie in the water”, the mother anxiously urging her ashore,tiffany gioielli, “Let me where to find her grandmother and brother Enter.” Niu obediently walked toward the shore, climbing When several ladder and then look back, my mother has been plunged into a lake.Back in the car sit.

Yang grandmother and everyone else, or standing on the stairs leading to the lake, watching the situation in the lake; or on shore to other people about what had happened, but how no law to sit niu family van.”I could not bear to see that child, she watched his brother and mother drowning, they looked at the mother was carried to the hospital, now waiting for news of his brother, which a child is too cruel.” Said with Li Ran Ran’s eyes were red. Shortly before, the car niu accompany her side playing for a while, after Cao Qin pulled ashore,bracciale tiffany, she managed to stabilize the clamor to find her mother niu.

in the collegiate Wang will take full account of the color of the request. Due to a major case, the court will choose a sentencing date. (End)(Original title: Attempted Murder Yunnan Yiliang man brandished a knife and covered with scars wife Reverse lenient “Good baby, you first go to the shore of the car grandmother, my mother went to La Gege.” July 25 afternoon, the 8-year-old niu (a pseudonym) after listening to her mother’s words, wants to leave little Tsuen lake,hogan 2014 donna, to the bank on the door. After sitting in the car, niu also look through the glass of the lake, I saw my mother floating in the water, and it became her last memory of her mother.In the afternoon, Niu and brother Xiaowei (a pseudonym), mother Cao Qin (a pseudonym) to stay in a small lake Tsuen moment,collane tiffany, do not want one o’clock Xiaowei Shi Zuzhui into the water. To rescued his son,barbour paris, Cao Qin then plunge into the lake, both mother and son drowned.SceneOnlookers could not bear to disturb a child25, 17 am, “poison” the sun suddenly lost anyway, the sky began to get a little gloomy. Hefei New Station District Tsuen less wear Dianxiang lake, hundreds of villagers gathered, they staring calm lake, his face showing an anxious look.”Although it is not know,giuseppe zanotti femme, but all the doorstep of the people, must be very concerned about the.” Sister Qu mill Township resident said that in the majority of people here are a company with contacts and niu, I heard them home after the accident, specifically to catch to the scene.70-year-old Yang grandmother, niu is fished from the water after her mother,giuseppe zanotti homme, got the news from a neighbor there. Noon was hot even “could not eat rice, no strength, lay to rest at home,” she is the daughter of ignoring opposition trot arrived less Tsuen lake. “I must go and see the children’s situation!” Yang Grandma threw daughter this sentence.But to the scene.

by violence, scars covered Wang Cai lenient plea to the judge, the judge said it would be given consideration.According to the indictment,tiffany, the defendant and the victim to a red color line Wang couples, April 16, 2013 3:00 pm,moncler pas cher, Wang Cai and noisy because of a trivial occurrence to a red at the rental office to produce a red then killed Wang’s idea, then armed with a kitchen knife, slash Wang neck, wrists double, double ankle and other parts fled the scene. Wang after the rescue out of danger. Identified, Wang suffered injuries as serious injuries.Day trial, Wang Cai incidental civil action for compensation filed, but the defendant to enter the courtroom after seeing a red, more than 20 million in compensation request into a 10,000 yuan, 10,000 yuan a couple which lend Wang Cai brother claims. Meanwhile, the judge also sentenced to a request for a lighter red.To a red face of his wife, from time to time with a paper towel to wipe tears from his eyes, hoping to go home to see his wife, two young children and more.The judge said.

staring at the little niu been Gezhaochechuang Quan Lake,air max pas cher pour femme.