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“the welfare requirements of adoptive families, account must be in Guangzhou, Guangzhou has a fixed residence, but the couple must have a wife at home full-time, especially in these conditions is the last condition to those of us applicants are blocked out, unfortunately. “And after Beckham entered the ward, friends moms take turns every day to visit Beckham spontaneous, even in sickness outdoor guardian to midnight, there have also been sent to various nutritional loving mother and effects of drugs, and even hot old fire soup.Professor Sun Xiaofei Sun Yat-sen Cancer Hospital, is currently attending physician Beckham. She told reporters that Beckham had just sent to Zhongshan hospital six times, including her many hospitals, including the city’s expert consultation will be done for Beckham, “such a small child is late melanoma is a relatively rare disease . “At that time the consultation results, experts predict that Beckham’s life may be in four months, while in the care of tenacious Beckham same tenacious love moms and social charities get through five months, and to begin the difficult first endure in the past six months, Magodayu say this is a miracle.May have died at any time, users accelerate tracingBeckham current situation is – serious physical failure in the ICU by the ventilator to maintain breathing, body CT results showed that melanoma has shifted throughout the body, including the brain, bones, lungs, liver, kidneys, the hospital For careful consideration, has been suspended for the next phase of chemotherapy Beckham, “the process of chemotherapy is hair of the dog, infant’s body already weak after this chemotherapy, the body will be more debilitating.” Hospital officials told reporters, now rely on instruments and nutraceutical Beckham weak continuation of life. “With Beckham current physical condition.

and never give up looking Beckham insisted parents clues and information.Five months of staying with the miracle of life and create BeckhamFrom the beginning of June this year, the group has the same age and Becks child’s mother who began in the “Beckham’s home,” the QQ group gazing, and then went to the hospital to visit because of the constant Beckham and familiar with each other . Five months, loving mother who has been fundraising for Beckham, doctor, doctors look for various matters and custody, voluntarily separately busy.Netizen “Shan Bao”, told reporters at the beginning was to help Beckham a referral, several users have to act to implement Beckham’s custody, the result is smooth so that the orphanage took over custody, and related hospital are friends Under the sincere help, quickly Beckham admitted into his hospital.”After taking over the orphanage, is responsible for collecting donations Beckham, dispatch and payment arrangements and medical care workers.” Netizen “Shan Bao,” told reporters, netizens have considered as an individual to apply for custody of David Beckham, but because conditions do not comply with the relevant standards, only to give up.

also known as yolk sac tumor. Malignant ovarian germ cell tumors, the incidence reported in the country in the first place endodermal sinus tumor, accounting for malignant ovarian germ cell tumors of 3 percent to 6 percent, more common in children and young women.Nanfang Daily (Reporter / Yan Lei) more than five months ago, melanoma outcast Beckham in the sick room in a large cancer hospital stubborn continuation of his own life, and disease outdoors, because a group gathered in a net and posts Moms love together in a long time in five months.

but the latter treatment is critical.Medics say they are currently carried out for XuanXuan a chemotherapy, but in order to completely cure it needs at least one to two years of treatment time. “If conditions allow the patient’s body, there was no infection, each doing a course of chemotherapy cost ten thousand dollars, but if an exception occurs, the specific cost is not to say!”Gengqing Chun told reporters that by the end of 2010, his family took out all the savings in Lee Chang bought a second-hand housing loans more than 40 million, and now the family has no money, to cure his daughter has spent over 30,000 yuan . “It could not get the money, my wife and I on overdraft, so whatever the outcome, to scrape together some money, think of ways to slowly also.” Gengqing Chun said, the next treatment fee is not forthcoming, he has already done the intention to sell the house. � endodermal sinus tumorEndodermal sinus tumor is a rare and highly malignant ovarian germ cell tumor, its organizational structure and rat placenta endodermal sinus very similar name. Because this comes from the original yolk sac tumor.

December 9 morning, the reporter went to the Women and Children’s Hospital, Geng Qingchun and his wife are bedside care xuan. “She is now in chemotherapy, often blood, plus infusion cause physical discomfort, and now he was afraid to see a doctor.” Wufeng Bin constantly comforted XuanXuan Do not be afraid. Soon the doctor XuanXuan disinfect blood. “Mom, I’m fine, really fine.” Sensible XuanXuan while crying in pain, while still shouting her mother not to worry, Wufeng Bin could not wiped tears.Gengqing Chun told reporters in July this year,air max femme pas cher, has been saying XuanXuan ass itch around, when eczema treatment for some time, but later found XuanXuan hip lumps appear, by the end of October, after consultation, XuanXuan suffering from a very rare malignancy Tumor – endodermal sinus tumor. Medical staff briefing, endodermal sinus tumor in the country are very rare, usually occurs in infants and young children, is a highly malignant tumor, doctors currently have for XuanXuan removed the tumor is located in the caudal parts. Although surgical results are good.


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