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the Lake District Family Planning Bureau in accordance with the laws and regulations of the program will be carried out to inform the right and heard statements and arguments, the higher the record,air max femme pas cher, make a decision delivered a written decision,hogan sito ufficiale, the Executive decided to book and other related work. “After the concrete results come out, we will promptly announced to the public.”In fact, in May of this year,christian louboutin sale, when the media exposed alleged comeback Zhang Yimou, Jiangsu Province Family Planning Commission,Giuseppe Zanotti Paris, Wuxi City Family Planning Commission said it would step up investigation to verify that responded. Some media said that until today, Wuxi health department responded most is: under investigation. Therefore, the health department to investigate why the action so slow, is being questioned.In this regard, Cai Meihua explain to China Youth Daily reporter,abercrombie fitch, there are reasons for the slow progress in three areas investigated.”First, because of the parties before the reaction is relatively slow. The second is the case the situation is more complicated.” Cai Meihua said,boutique louboutin paris, according to “People’s Republic of China Population and Family Planning Law” and other relevant laws and regulations of the jurisdiction in cases involving multiple regions right, so that the case is complicated. “Lake District Family Planning Bureau with multiple health department has jurisdiction over the area of � ommunication and coordination, the finalized by our Wuxi Lake District Family Planning Bureau to the jurisdiction to deal with this case.”In addition, Cai Meihua also mentioned a third reason, that the health department as an administrative authority must act in accordance with the law, “but the law gives us the means of investigation stage not too tough measures,christian louboutin pas cher, we are investigating authority is still limited.”Police department: no interviewFor the police department is in accordance with provisions in the first time able to bounce questions Zhang Yimou, Chen Ting communicated to the health department.

said in an interview Cai Meihua has not directly answer. But for Wuxi City Police Department, the question they face more than that.December 5,giubbotti peuterey, yuantouzhu police station in an interview when he said: “We say everything, it really is, but not everyone understood,moncler outlet online, we are particularly cautious.” Then,giuseppe zanotti, Wuxi city police department personnel told the media that some of the media coverage on the network called on everything purely baseless assertion.

did not respond positively to this question, saying only that the health department in the “one got the news immediately began an investigation after the.”For specifically what month received the news,christian louboutin, is a message received from where, whether public security department received a briefing and other issues, Cai Meihua expressed specific details of the case, currently disclose.”Concrete outcome of the case came out, we will immediately announce to the community.” Cai Meihua said, after the health department has adopted “Wuxi Lake issued” official microblogging released detailed information. Currently,air max bw pas cher, Zhang Yimou,tiffany milano, Chen Ting has commissioned its agent to carry relevant information to come under investigation.”We are now at a stage of investigation and verification.” Cai Meihua said. When a reporter asked what is being verified,zanotti femme, the Cai Meihua said that the specific details of the case disclose. “But I can give you an attitude showed that in the face of laws and regulations,christian louboutin discount, whether celebrities Ye Hao,moncler pas cher, Ye Hao ordinary people, are not privileged. Equality before the law.”According to Cai Meihua introduce the next stage.

Where health care institutions have qualified midwifery services, within this institution born infants can direct the issue of “birth certificate.” On for “birth certificate” is required to provide birth certificate, certificate of marriage couples, whether they are super family planning is not a requirement of proof.Because Zhang was born three children were in Beijing,pjs doudoune, according to the relevant provisions of the Beijing and reporters visited the “birth certificate” of the processing time for a month after the birth of a child less, but more than one month may be retroactive. Reporters visited several hospitals in Beijing have said,nike france, for “birth certificate” does not need to provide a marriage certificate and birth certificate. In other words, Zhang Yimou three children settled in Wuxi related materials required, it can be provided.The health department: There are three reasons for the slow investigation”Jiangsu Province permanent residence registration management (Trial)” the provisions of Article 23.

the public security organs for declaration and registration of birth and found that over family planning circumstances shall exceed the population and family planning, family planning department briefing.So, Wuxi Shi Jisheng department whether police department received a notification? Whether the health department was the first to investigate?Previously, Wuxi Municipal Public Security Bureau deputy director of the Lake in an interview when he said that in March 2012, the staff of domicile Chen Ting Lake District health department’s understanding of the relevant circumstances and contact the police station, police station, then to Zhang Yimou, Chen Ting case of violation of family planning to staff the health department made the relevant notification.But Lake District Population and Family Planning Bureau spokesman Cai Meihua the 12th China Youth Daily reporter in an interview.