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the villagers did not land shall not be assigned.(Original title: arable land occupied one million yuan compensation payments for three years but nTaiwan News Online June 25 (Strait Herald reporter Shu Wen room / Chart) until the man was arrested,air max femme pas cher, a dozen women came before,magasin hollister, claiming to be “living Buddha Sin,” the Yang, the girl turned out to be a liar cheat.Yang mouth woman, claiming to be able to help people ward off evil, cure,veste barbour homme, or even “redirection.” In fact, he had only a locksmith, after the cast,woolrich, “Buddha” coat,outlet hogan, and began unscrupulous fraud.Recently,christian louboutin soldes, Xiamen police after investigation, successfully captured a use of feudal superstition fraud criminal gangs to Yang Zhong, led by eight suspects under criminal detention by the police. Victims of small crystals (a pseudonym) and Xiaoxia (a pseudonym) told the Herald reporters about being cheated through.Jewelry is that it does not own fateSmall crystal that it was last August.

Lao Yang thousand is not going to embark on, she must also specify a foothold near Yang, rented a building rental housing, to worship Buddha. “I rented a houses,hollister online, paid for, say there is a renovated stucco actually only” a small crystal, said Yang let her out of more than 50,hogan 2014,000 yuan,woolrich outlet online, said to ensure the house has renovated,tiffany gioielli, but when she went into the When the house found that almost did not move.Small Jing said,giubbotti woolrich, then she slowly discovered that Yang to “students” were selling all sorts of things, of course, these are the name of “destined” or “redirection” in the guise sold at a price higher than the market price,outlet tiffany, if you do not Buy, Yang has resorted to “do something destined to be unlucky” banner.To “detox” in the name PianseMost small crystal painful, is Yang also trick she had relations with him.Small crystal that Yang seems to understand some knowledge of Chinese medicine,hollister milano, once went to Yang, Yang said her “There is evil,” to help her “Detox” in the name with her into the treatment room. At first, small grain and do not want to, but Yang scare She said that if “no detox will have bad luck,” a small crystal afraid obeyed.Since then.

when she was feeling and career are not very well, Xiaoxia was her friend, knowing that after should be made to take her to see a “very spiritual people,” This man is Yang .See Yang’s place beside the Tongan BRT bridge, a shabby residential areas, set up a temple. First meeting,christian louboutin pas cher, Yang did not say anything, just tell her to do good turn deserves another,bracciali tiffany, do good things. This allows small crystal good first impression on him:. “These words quite in line with normal values.”She later discovered that the so-called “good works” is the Buddha of red envelopes must be sealed to his so-called “Jide” is to spend money to participate in the activities of his organization. If you do good things together with others, he will be denounced as “something wrong, by Turn of the Screw.”Small crystal recalls, Yang saw her wearing jewelry, will let her down,air max pas cher enfant, saying she did not follow the fate of these ornaments,hollister italia, and then their own paper and drew a pendant for her to buy, but simply jade shop no such thing. A week later, Yang seems well prepared to come up with one from the body, then pretentiously told her,hogan outlet, you know she can not buy, it has helped her “invited” to.A small crystal pendant spent thousands of pieces of large, then Yang also proposed to small crystal “Please Buddha”, the Buddha image. A Buddha.