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every battle played good.And then further to the seventies and eighties, when that era had served Old Navy would say: to force the 037 submarine chasers. In the battle among the 037 that era also played a huge role.Why these two types of ships will leave this year’s Old Navy impression? Because they often serve as the main in a variety of tasks. Will be able to pull out to play, you can pull out winning and easy to use and reliable. Of course, these two types of ships also have their drawbacks: corvettes too small, can only fight in the state’s coastal waters near the shore, and can not continue sailing in the sea battle.

then produce robbing bad idea. When Wu shouted for help, they covered their mouths Wu cause of death,air max femme, after a postmortem to one of the suspects in other people’s fruit trees.Police said the evening of November 17, Wucheng city Public Security Bureau police station received a victim Wu missing alarms. Then,chaussure louboutin, immediately start working mechanism of missing persons investigation, prompt investigation and case-related cases reported.The evening of November 18, the police have in Wuyi Jinhua City and arrested two suspects and Lumou Zhu. Zhu,christian louboutin, 36,nike air jordan pas cher, Wuyi County, Zhejiang Province, Department of taxi drivers on behalf of classes, Lumou born in 1985,toms wedges, Yanshan County,christian louboutin paris, Yunnan Province.Under questioning,tn air max 2014 pas cher, the suspect confessed committing the crime process. At 17:15 on November 15 or so, in the vicinity of the victim Wu Jinhua City Hengda department got into a taxi and went to the south of a residential area. Two suspects dressed see Wu, then robbing students or evil.Later, sitting in the back of the victim under control Lumou Wu, and all the way hostage to Wuyi Wang Zhu Village Road residence. After the suspect Wu stress out bank card password, go to the bank teller. After finding no deposit on the card, the two returned Zhu Wang Lu Village residence, Wu has found the doors and windows open and shouted for help, then covered her mouth to Wu, causing his death, and the bodies buried in the Zhu fruit ground.Today (November 19) at 11 am, according to the suspect identified, Wuyi Zhu Jinhua police dug up residence near the victim Wu corpse field.EdRecently circulated on the Internet a picture called “ship stage sun 056.” This photo caused a lot of attention of users.

whether, as the families are talking about two horses fight cause? Reporters contacted the film and television industry in Ningbo area management committee, the person said, the specific reason is not clear,tn pas cher, the current local police station has been involved in the investigation.EdBeijing News News (Reporter Yang Feng) November 16, had to attend a friend’s wedding. 15 evening,louboutin prix, on the way to the bride’s family lost contact. Today (November 19) morning, Jinhua police official micro news release, Wu has confirmed killed 18 police arrested two suspects on the evening,hollister, the suspects per capita for the taxi driver.This afternoon,hollister soldes, Wu Jinhua City Public Security Bureau official microblogging @ Ping Wu Jinhua City release informed that the case solved. Police said two suspects dressed see Wu.

you will see a lot of 056’s shadow . So from this perspective, the 056 has an important role and significance in the future among naval equipment system.”Best fit” is an excellentHeavy duty,barbour pas cher, multi-task,louboutin, and certainly there should be a considerable amount, so large quantities of construction, “dumplings” thing, natural and normal. From this point on.

but also caused a lot of discussion. Some people say that among the 056 major shipyards in China have launched construction in some even say that the number reached 12 under construction,air max femme pas cher, we will soon see the so-called 056 corvettes “dumplings” such a phenomenon. There are a lot of people take 056 corvettes and the United States compared to LCS. In fact, 056 corvettes of service and large quantities of construction, reflects the special significance of this type of warships have, but this ship, and the top compared to the LCS, and there is a technology gap.Opened a battleship “new era”If you ask what type of naval warships to force? Perhaps the fifties and sixties who would say: 65-type corvettes to force. Indeed, recalling the 1950s and 1960s many of the sea battle,air max femme pas cher, 56 type corvettes such a humble little gunboat, has been acting as a main character,nike tn, and even to be involved in every war.

only to be used as a Stormtrooper. So then the 037 hunting submarines known as the “sea Raz.” Such a boat, very poor living conditions, but there is a task set sail soon,air jordan spizike pas cher, like a sea of ��”Rangers”, so called “Sea Raz.”In fact, when it comes to these two boats, we will be able to appreciate the natural, 056 corvettes naval equipment positioned in what is, in a sense, when the 037 hunting submarines to replace the role of the Type 56 corvettes. Today, 056 corvettes sense is replaced by a new generation of submarine chasers 037 offshore coastal base defense battle weapons. A large number of possible future offshore coastal complex task in the Navy, including escort,louboutin homme pas cher, fishing protection, coastal inshore patrol base defense, and even life-saving tasks such as risk prevention.