air max pas cher enfant but in recent years to ease crossstrait relations

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driver’s license and therefore can not directly bid Mainland China international driver’s license.In addition, Hong Kong is a driver’s license requirements must be used in combination with the Hong Kong identity,air max pas cher enfant, demanding in many countries and regions, there is a single license can not get a driver’s license in Hong Kong. Moreover, the post previously mentioned 31 countries and regions, Hong Kong’s driver’s license is not recognized countries and regions,hogan scarpe, but the Hong Kong Transport Department currently provides “Hong Kong can bid for license exemption countries and regions” list. Reporters learned that the Internet is not all intermediary agent in “fake”.

there can be a successful international driver’s license renewal, but its certainly not formal way,hollister soldes, make people pay attention to avoid risks.Notarized translation is officially recognized formal channelsThen, holding the mainland and mainland Chinese driver’s license ID card, you want to drive abroad,zanotti, how to do it exactly? In addition to the above-mentioned,piumini moncler, after the country’s bid to host the international driver’s license obtain a driver’s license, the license holders to do the translation notarized mainland,abercrombie pas cher, is also a good way to the International Convention on the recognition,woolrich uomo, which is currently the only officially recognized mainland formal channels.The so-called translation notary,doudoune moncler homme, refers to the driver’s license information on the continent,doudoune moncler femme, the country of destination for overseas use of the translation of the text,outlet hogan, and do notary in order to obtain the destination country Vehicle Administration approval. Although there is no list of countries recognized in this way, but this is the easiest way to get a driver’s license recognized overseas continent,hogan outlet, but also recognition of the most widely used approach.Three Ways to compare the merits of driving abroadDo notarized translation 1Cost less.

only about 300 yuan; high recognition; accidents occurred in the country of destination is guaranteed.Longer time,barbour femme, about two weeks. Some countries do not recognize, advance to the destination country or embassy official website to find out about.Hong Kong license bid 2Moderate cost of HK $ 900,hollister france officiel, about 1500 yuan intermediary; recognition in general, there is no problem Commonwealth countries.Time fast,woolrich parka, the need for Hong Kong address to receive confirmation on the spot to get permits. Some countries require to be used in conjunction with the Hong Kong identity card.Handled by intermediaries 3High cost,tiffany outlet, easily more than 2000 yuan; the highest recognition,woolrich outlet, more than 100 national and international conventions recognized.Long time, consuming more than a month. Online intermediaries handle channel is not regular, there are certain risks.(Original title: Mainland residents can renew their driver’s license in Hong Kong global caTaiwan, “Wang” reported recently began holding mainland across multiple Military, four armed military exercises Sea. For mainland whether it would affect Taiwan’s security and cross-strait relations, Taiwan’s military experts pointed out that although the grand scale of the exercise continent,moncler sito ufficiale, but in recent years to ease cross-strait relations,woolrich prezzi, Taiwan’s military thinking this would be to replace the vigilance of the tense military confrontation .Taiwan’s “China Strategy Institute” researcher pale Zhi Long said that the mainland purpose of this exercise should be to fully demonstrate its military self-confidence, because of the larger size of the exercise.