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how to cure ah there is no well-meaning people to save my child??” � Photo / intern reporAccording to reports, the income distribution reform plan developed by the National Development and Reform Commission will be introduced in the second half. Program will list the income distribution reform timetable and roadmap, which adjust the initial distribution of income is the most important future income distribution reform.Many netizens pointed out that income distribution is unreasonable known, the moment should be great determination and great efforts, get rid of all kinds of obstacles,air max pas cher enfant, “put low expansion, the increase”,air max femme, effectively narrowing the gap between rich and poor.Restricting economic development imbalance in the distribution of incomeInternet users, “Zhang Ruidong” that income distribution is unreasonable,nike tn, unbalanced become the bottleneck of China’s economic and social development,toms outlet, not addressed is bound to affect the economic and social transformation upgrade. The current imbalance in the distribution of income is mainly reflected in two aspects,barbour, one is in the allocation of government, businesses,louboutin pas cher, residents in the interests of the three parties,nike air max, the proportion of fiscal revenue increased year by year, while the income share of total national income is declining; the second is the internal home residents between the family and income gap between individuals also significantly widened.Internet users, “Yang Guoying,hollister,” said,air max pas cher enfant, either as an individual household income, the highest and the lowest among the huge gap of up to 65 times, or as a whole income residents, whose only low levels of around 40% of GDP, and are fully shows that our a serious imbalance in the distribution of income. so.

do not rule out the possibility of disease. “Although he was born this way, we can not abandon him to die, after all,barbour soldes, is our own children, no matter what he looks like all our baby!” Ms. Kang firmly told reporters. � home for many years in debt”Little Chi has spent over 30,000 yuan cost of treatment, which a few years our family has owed a lot of money, this is all brought over 10,000 borrowed, but for more than 20 million surgical fee is just drop in the bucket. The doctor said the child, if not treated, will cancerous mole,hollister soldes, to the time the child … “Ms. Kang tearfully told reporters.Ms. Kang and her husband are Dezhou ordinary peasant, usually working alone to the village chair to make money, pay only 30 yuan a day, four elderly dependents both sides has brought great economic burden to the family,air max one pas cher, not to mention small blog congenital giant nevus disease is worse. Currently, because her husband also need to stay at home to care for the elderly,giubbotto peuterey, Ms. Kang Beijing alone had a small blog with a doctor. � There may be cancerous moleSmall blog doctor Han Yan told reporters: “This disease has three giant nevus affect the appearance of physical harm to one second, so that patients have to be psychologically easy to feel discriminated against, there will be a serious psychological problem Third.. mole easily lead to disease,piumini peuterey, and even cancer, to the time the consequences could be disastrous. “Reporters learned that the doctors are part of the means by skin grafting performed on a small blog-stage treatment, basic annual small blog need to Beijing several times to do the surgery. Ms. Kang explained to reporters grafting treatment, “You see, this is the surgical suture scars, the doctor is to put a small blog abdominal skin explants onto the mole.” Shocked to see the two reporters about 10 cm long scar on the child’s abdomen .”I’m hurt, really hurt, so my mother would not have to worry about.” Small blog sensible told reporters. Ms. Kang can not help but hear the tears: “more than 20 million medical expenses.

the current economic status quo in terms of income distribution reform has started very urgent, because the proportion of the poor and low income residents of the wealth gap, not only will “promote domestic demand,chaussure louboutin pas cher,” become empty, but will deepen the reform of public opinion caused by obstruction.There are users that causes a serious imbalance in the distribution of income is very complicated: stick to the position of administrative monopoly,air max pas cher pour homme, local government emphasis on GDP growth, barriers and urban-rural split system is a serious problem,toms shoes outlet, such as where the household registration system,nike tn officiel, it is these long-term accumulation of system defects, making the initial distribution widened the income gap.