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“junior partner” now also face the same experiences, has become synonymous with “mediocre” or even “dirty” in.Under the expert wonderful explanation intimate relationship or the venerable “junior partner”, all of a sudden become the curse of bad language, I do not know at that time, parents and teachers to educate children with the “junior partner” to get along.(Original title: experts quibble, let the “junior partner”China Daily Global Online news: According to the British “Daily Mail” reported on October 13, before the emergence of the French presidential palace Elysee Palace.

a contagious skin disease,air max pas cher femme, President Nicolas Sarkozy and First Lady Carla Bruni may also face by the threat of infection.Reported that the Elysee Palace three guards first infected with scabies, a contagious skin disease, spread by close contact, after the disease manifested as skin intense itching. A source said the Elysee Palace,doudoune moncler, which three police officers are serving in the armed forces soldiers, has caused concern for the health of the president and his wife.A spokesman for President Sarkozy revealed that the sick are already receiving treatment, and isolated from other employees,moncler uomo, they will soon recover. In addition, the presidential palace residence of the army staff is taking measures to prevent people who live too intense – and this is one of the common causes scabies.People often think that the poor living conditions of poor people susceptible to scabies, but the Elysee Palace is one of France’s most luxurious,tn soldes, most upscale buildings.

under the name of the property belonging to Bruni,woolrich outlet.

“Junior partner” was originally an alternative buzzword,peuterey, but experts point out that, “junior partner” refers to the male genitalia,Giuseppe Zanotti Paris, etymology indecent, it is not included. (December 19, “Beijing News”)”Junior partner” voted this year’s top ten buzzwords is not a big deal,abercrombie paris, but experts have explained, it felt wrong. Diction limited to the level of ordinary people, just like a good friend, like a small partner,scarpe hogan, is pure, but then words, and can actually say experts etymology indecent. Experts quibble has always been very strict,pjs doudoune, and I believe will be retroactive profound Chinese books, check out the “junior partner” of another uncommon meaning. However, since it is this year’s buzzword, and that time should be limited to this node, and respect the Chinese people today commonly understood.”My little friends are shocked,” the buzzwords, from June this year, some students essay recounts the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival on the microblogging spread. After that, “I was shocked and small partners’ network quickly became popular, people have to imitate, the news media would take such a title, such as” Orangemen reversed, my little friends are shocked. ” It can be said, from students writing to the media officially use the term “junior partner” has never been so unbearable. Experts talk about “junior partner”,tn, what can think of the word rare usage, calling it “does not comply with social ethics,” which makes me shocked and small partners.Buzzwords, there may be in line with the mainstream values,doudoune parajumpers, although it may not be well known,air max femme, but some on the table. The process of trade-offs, as well as value judgments in the process, but is consistent with social ethics can not just experts say. Experts “moral court” verdict, “junior partner” is “not in line with social ethics,” and will not therefore have been positive ruin a good word it? Gentility and virtue “Miss” like-minded “comrades” and other terms have been labeled alternative label.

how will this disease? According to a spokesman for the defense department, said the Elysee Palace, at the Elysee Palace, a large number of security, valet,tiffany italia, cook, gardeners and other service personnel living environment with the presidential couple’s living environment is quite different. Some service personnel in the dormitory,parajumpers pas cher, the plaster off,air jordan 4, poorly ventilated,abercrombie & fitch, overcrowded, often also see rats in the dorm. Some of the staff slept in folding bed,parajumpers homme, bedding they have used for years, many people have their own money to buy new bedding.In fact, Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni at the Elysee Palace in time for work and play more, but not as the previous French presidents have lived in the Elysee Palace, they prefer the couple away from the Elysee Palace, about two miles outside Paris 16th district of luxury to rest. This building mansion worth 2 million.