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not long ago doctors, leading to a vicious consequences.Experts pointed out that the daily care of patients with diabetes is very important, especially after the occurrence of pruritus, to timely treatment, avoid scratching, otherwise refractory wounds and break, the probability of infection is very high.(Original title: scratching scratch out a month sepsis)EdMetropolis Daily News (Reporter correspondent spent Yao Hao Yu Lan Zheng Jun) pay talks events together, actually pull an organization “sneak” gang. Reporters learned yesterday,barbour paris, three men 44 Burmese organizations “foreigners” illegal immigrants enter caidian District,barbour, Wuhan City, an industrial park workers after the incident and the incident was arrested because the pay talks. Recently, three people on suspicion of organizing others to cross country (border) crime, in caidian district court for trial. This is the largest such cases together Wuhan cracked.Foreigners collusion smuggling organizationHuang Mourong.

and the blood sugar value “burst table”, leading to a seemingly simple pruritus developed into sepsis. In fact,boutique louboutin paris, that many people like her.Guangdong Provincial Center for Disease Control in 2010 found that chronic disease surveillance in Guangdong, adults over 18 years of diabetes prevalence rate of 13.0%, which will have 13 per 100 people with diabetes. Survey shows that people who have never measured before accounting for 71.0% sugar, of which up to Nearly nine in rural areas, while over half of the city also. In monitoring patients with diabetes was found in over 70% of people do not know already suffering from diabetes.Many people may know, “a little” (polydipsia, polyphagia,air max femme pas cher, polyuria, weight loss) is a symptom of diabetes,air max pas cher homme, but do not know fatigue, irritability,louboutin paris, itching, blurred vision, are diabetes, acute metabolic disorder presenting symptoms. I do not know suffering from diabetes and do not know the symptoms of acute symptoms of diabetes are often not taken seriously.

the doctors initially diagnosed in outpatient surgery,nike tn 2014, she suffers from back cellulitis, abscesses back are covered because the abscess is too great, and has been implicated in the subcutaneous muscle, she was sent to save two orthopedic doctors.Culprit was actually diabetesBegan a series of checks, did not expect is that blood glucose Miss Yuan’s “burst table” – ordinary glucose meter readings can not actually, venous blood glucose check display 35.57mmol / l. Ms. Yuan originally suffering from diabetes, blood glucose testing was never done.”Back cellulitis should be the cause of the patient with diabetes itself easily itchy skin, but there is then susceptible to breakage, she long to scratch.

surnamed Guo were all Ji’an, where he had working in Guangdong. The second half of 2012, saw fellow workers through the organization of foreigners to China,pandora bijoux, from “tap” to earn high referral fee, they will move from the idea. After being introduced,louboutin, both in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, met a Burmese man “Luo boss” (handled separately). Three agreed that the “Luo boss” in charge or from Myanmar Yunnan border areas, identify,toms outlet, gather, organize Burmese officers to enter the mainland China, surnamed Guo and collusion in the mainland,hollister italia, is responsible for domestic workers to contact units, organizations coordination Burmese staff in mainland China factory employment and wage settlement.By convention, Huang Mourong, surnamed Guo pay monthly “Luo boss’ basic salary 3000 yuan. While implementing incentives to the standard of 100 yuan per capita payment of commission. December 2012 to May 2013, the two have to pay a “Luo boss” of 90,000 yuan to pay for, “Luo boss’ salary, capitation fees and commission staff organize Burmese illegal immigrants. Due to business expansion, Huang Mourong, surnamed Guo also absorb a fellow Huang Mouping participation.According to the prosecution allegations, from December 2012 to May 2013 period, “Luo boss” has five times as , surnamed Guo,chaussure tn pas cher, Huang Mouping three characters of color.

then there is no problem in a timely manner to the hospital for treatment, this development Up to now the point. “Qi Yong,felpe hollister, deputy chief physician of orthopedics,tn requin, said the culprit is diabetes.After Ms. Yuan back to pus bacterial culture and a series of checks to confirm with sepsis, WBC is already more than twice the normal albumin also dropped one fifth of normal. “If not addressed,air jordan spizike pas cher, may at any time be life-threatening,” the doctor to carry out surgical incision and drainage. The amount of intraoperative pus drainage,barbour femme, so the presence of doctors and they all shocked – a full discharge of more than 3000 ml of white pus.After the surgery, Ms. Yuan because of high blood sugar caused by sepsis associated with acute infection in ICU spent a full five days before out of danger.Treatment is still poor 70,000 yuanA little itchy, but let Ms. Yuan experienced a death. So why is not serious when she refused to timely treatment?Reporters learned that Ms. Yuan and 63-year-old wife , 20 years ago, came from Chongqing to Guangzhou to work,peuterey prezzi, Ms. Yuan has been a cleaner at University City, the last two years, because of poor health, she was not even dry cleaners are do not move, the family hit by Xiao Shu unskilled laborer at the site, one day less than 100 yuan in revenue.Worried that leaving an old married couple, the family’s only son a few years ago with a fight, jail, even a month old couple’s son sent to jail for living expenses.Today, Xiao Shu already spent all their savings and borrowed 7,000 yuan, Miss Yuan illness continues, back to heal also need treatment costs 70,000 yuan. Xiao Shu touched his pocket, leaving only $ 200, I do not know what to do.If readers are willing to help the elderly, can contact Xiao Shu (Tel :).Know more about DQi Cheng tangyou wonder sickPiyang, irritability, fatigueBlurred vision is not a trivial matterMs. Yuan suffering from diabetes do not know it.