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to give 50% -60% of the subsidy again,air max pas cher femme, the annual subsidy cap line 60,basket louboutin,000 yuan (NCMS plus basic medical reimbursement cap line of 10 million, a total of 16 million).According to the deputy mayor of Yuxi City, Yang Yang,nike tn, introduced in 2011,air max pas cher pour homme, the city’s serious illness relief 7328 people, 157 million yuan compensation,nike tn pas cher, accounting for 33.95% of the total financing of NCMS, the actual reimbursement illness reached 58%, effectively reducing the participation of farmers illness burden,louboutin paris, effectively alleviate the poverty caused by returning to poverty. Further improve the construction of affordable rural health care system, narrowing the gap between the protection of medical insurance for urban residents.

the current year for the elderly Chinese products less than 100 billion yuan. Those who come to divide up the cake, does not seem to really seize this market.Almost all the money flock to real estate. Pension estate is treated as a special category, a major real estate developers continue profitable concepts and methods. From offshore real estate, financial innovation in China and Fosun International and other local developers, to Columbia Pacific, Related Cos. And Fortress Investment Group and other overseas real estate companies, as well as peace,hollister online, Taikang other insurance companies, they learn from the United States or the European model.

in the country to take,air max femme, either alone or together in Harbin, Beijing, Shanghai and Suzhou,nike tn, the construction of various kinds kind of apartments for the elderly,hollister, expensive.”Pension itself will not be a real estate business.” Kebo Ming (Bromme Cole) “First Financial Weekly” said.

illness convergence rescue mechanismYunnan Yuxi City,hollister site officiel, North City Village farmers The Ruling,barbour paris, intracranial hemorrhage earlier this year because it took more than 8000 yuan,pandora, 3000 yuan in Yuxi reimbursed. Also spent a large hospital in Kunming 87381.48 yuan, reimbursement of 55,580.43 yuan. “My family is farming, not so much the money, although the brothers and sisters to 5,000 yuan per person, it is still too little. But for government reimbursement so much, maybe my life is gone.” The Ruling said.By the end of 2010, Yuxi issued a “Decision on the improvement of farmers’ basic medical care and health standards” and decided in 2010, the city participating farmers level of funding per capita $ 140, based on the 2011 Urban finance the participation of farmers per capita increase in the NCMS funds 100 yuan, 176 million yuan in total new funding, an increase of individual contributions. Improve basic medical reimbursement levels while building facing serious illness patients relief system, improve the system design, focused on solving the poverty caused by participating farmers, back into poverty problem.Compensation for illness, Yuxi also taken the first basic medical insurance reimbursement, serious illness relief again reimbursement approach,pandora pas cher, but is involved in the government-led, no introduction of commercial insurance agencies. The specific measures, when participating farmers a single hospitalization costs more than 10,000 yuan, press NCMS standard reimbursement policies need personal commitment within the scope of health care costs.

and promote fair treatment.In addition, there are many places to take entrust the management of commercial insurance agency handling methods, such as Henan, Zhengzhou,louboutins, Luoyang, Xinxiang, the new rural cooperative fund managers involved in the introduction of commercial insurance agency management. Management fees equivalent to handling outsourced management services, insurance agencies. After the introduction of commercial insurance agency handling, illness actual reimbursement of 53% of Luoyang.There are some places are mixed forms, such as Shaanxi Xunyi, their funding through the “four little” establish a new rural cooperative grants fund major diseases that NCMS fund squeeze a little.

financial holding that civil rescue support that social contribute little circles. Currently illness Funds financing amount of 500 million, of which the new rural cooperative fund disbursed 200 million, government budget special fund of 200 million, the civil affairs department Medicaid funds disbursed from $ 500,000 to mobilize the community to donate 500,air max one pas cher,000 yuan .Currently, Xunyi illness Fund grant funds per year cap line of 40 million, the higher the subsidy, the higher the proportion of medical expenses. It is estimated that the actual reimbursement of around 70%.Assistant director of Peking University Health Science Center, Professor of Health Economics Wu believes that looking at a health care system from the results, the implementation of the results. A look at the compensation ratio,christian louboutin pas cher, namely the level of payment and reimbursement levels than the right, two-pocket part to see the proportion of income, see if you can afford it. From the current situation, urban and rural residents medical insurance system has been gradually bridging the unfairness between populations.Who detonated the pension marketEveryone knows that the pension is a huge market, large companies, start-up companies and governments in which to play different roles,tn requin pas cher, but who is the real man detonated this market?Text | CBN reporter Xu Yue Zhang Yunting He DandanCartography | Xu ChunmengThere’s nothing like the market as the pension industry, showing a huge demand and is closely linked with the policy of a country. Rapid population grow old in China, the old market demand in 2010 has already reached 1 trillion yuan, the official figures also showed that number in 2050 – when we grow old – increased to 5 trillion yuan.Which industry does not behave in the face of demand for such a complex and tangled.