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Also on the list because of information gathering and there Pula Ba? Dutta (Prabal Dutta),air max pas cher, he developed a variety of micro-sensors that can continue to draw energy from the surrounding environment,zanotti pas cher, so that they do not operate outside help to maintain. Dutta was located in the research laboratory at the University of Michigan,abercrombie soldes, many small sensors are collecting information for the next generation of smart buildings,moncler doudoune, and these sensors can absorb power from the surrounding environment to maintain self-operate,parajumpers homme, such as wire slight magnetic field generated by the power supply will be able to give them .Today.

he deserved.Also starting from the human body as well as a new way to find medical Katharina? Rebecca (Katharina Ribbeck). She believes most people discarded mucus useless body’s daily production is a complex filter that can help people avoid infection and inhibit harmful microorganisms,basket giuseppe zanotti, for people’s health to provide a protection mechanism. Rebecca also hope to be able to develop artificial mucin microbial cell surface instead of antibiotics alter behavior.And Kadia? Kohler (Katia Koelle) choose to study from the perspective of the virus against the law. Coral by the mathematical model to explore changes in the influenza virus,moncler doudoune, while the model can also explore why some areas will become hot spots outbreak. She hoped that this knowledge can have a clearer strategy in guiding the public to deal with emerging diseases,zanotti pas cher, and always in front of the rapid evolution of the virus to keep one step ahead.Animals revelation: explore specific functionThroughout the ages,doudoune moncler femme, scientists are keen to explore some of the specific features of the animal,abercrombie fitch, trying to apply them to human technology,doudoune moncler femme, Nicole Obeid (Nicole Abaid) and Michael Habib (Michael Habib) is no exception -?? Two From bats and pterosaurs who were digging out a new secret.

a different kind of pathIn addition to network information,giuseppe zanotti sneakers, health is also a key topic of concern,zanotti pas cher, and known as “the most intelligent young man,veste barbour femme,” the scientists are naturally not forget this topic. In this list,magasin hollister, the most attractive Jordan? Green (Jordan Green) The “train your immune system to fight cancer.”As a John? PhD in biomedical engineering at Johns Hopkins University,guiseppe zanotti, Green is creating a gadget,abercrombie & fitch, like versatile biodegradable particles,nike tn pas cher, such tools can be a simple modification to the treatment of cancer and other diseases. Immune system to find and destroy stray cancer cells is crucial to identify the target. If the tumor and healthy tissue looked like,christian louboutin paris, so that the immune system will be difficult to determine who is the “enemy”,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, a direct result of the tumor cells to escape the immune system to hunt. Green nanoparticles played this same role,giuseppe zanotti sneakers, but because it can be powered by any form of the protein,barbour paris, they can set the body to attack even the most elusive cancer cells. “We remember the exercise of the immune system cancer looks.” Greene says. Difficult to imagine that once Greene’s success by how many cancer patients worldwide afflicted will benefit – to change the world.

Dutta devices people can always unexpected ways to get energy. For example,magasin hollister, the system can be plugged directly into his phone’s audio interface,barbour france, by entrapping minimal energy to drive the sensor data collected. After the Fukushima nuclear accident,nike air max pas cher, the technology has been connected to the credit card reader,basket louboutin femme, collected more than 12,barbour shop online,000 copies of the Japanese public radiation data. “Anyone can upload data through sensors cloud,basket louboutin femme,” Dutta says,abercrombie and fitch pas cher, “compared with the measured data provided by the Government of Japan,guiseppe zanotti, we get the data to provide a more figurative radiation situation.” He believes that we are always from the natural world with great energy in a small information and this new information to the infinite possibilities.Medical research.