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the man named Zhu, male, 27 years old, Beijing,air max pas cher homme, because July 21 assault, public indecency Xiaomei (a pseudonym),air max pas cher femme, August 8 rape public Zhang (not his real name), has been criminal detention.After the arrest,nike air max, the suspect Zhu has never admitted their crimes, until the police to produce evidence that he is still every means to deny. At the trial,air max femme pas cher, Zhu said the reason for his own assault victim “because I particularly like her.” Li Kun said: “He thought he was handsome, see the beauty in the street that he will fall in love with the beauty to beauty go together, go for a long time, he believes there will be feelings of violence, rape, is a kind of love, totally. twist. “According to the survey, Zhu childhood temperament eccentric,barbour paris, almost no friends after graduation has been wandering in the various cities. Before the incident,christian louboutin paris, Zhu work in an IT company, according to Zhu introduced himself, he had joined a group called the Internet chat,chaussures louboutin, in there, we even share their experiences obscene. After his arrest, the police found in his computer a number of pornographic images. WCC intern reporterOriginal title: The mother of 15-year-old daughter,peuterey uomo, train police drug seizures save momYangzi Evening News (Reporter correspondent Wu Sheng Qu Feifei) September 3, Guangzhou, Nanjing, K528 bound train marshals seized in a drug woman, the woman suddenly guilty of drug addiction on the train, accompanied by 15-year-old daughter is very scared, proactive alerts save the mother.In the morning, after the K528 train from Guangzhou station opened, led police marshals Sunhong Fu Wang Qi, Wang Fan routine patrol in a car seat when the cars came to a junction.

trying to stun the victim. Li Kun said: “He pinched her neck, her breathing difficulties, complete loss of resistance, after the victim where the floor to the other and then pinched neck of the victim out of the elevator.” The man eventually dragged the victim safe passage because no one has been around, the woman did not escape the ultimate fate.Survey / Fiddling bus again now satyr figureIn 809 Road on the bus, police again found the name of shorts man figure.”He was waiting for the bus at 809 Station Road, when the two women had already started on the hands and feet.” According to 809 bus and Skynet video, the man followed the two women into the middle of the body position, not crowded car,louboutins, the man next to two women in this side, a long time refused to leave.Being one of the women was found wearing a hat with intent after the man has kept near the woman and tried to start. “Hat baby girl staring at him, and then also loudly denounced him.” After the crew arrived, the thought that man would be this close hand, but did not think he continues to prevail, kept by Wang Jushang female side. “Courage is so big, a little shame are not, obviously a veteran.”Arrest / “Veteran” specifically looking for long-haired young women startIn addition to the bus,chaussure louboutin homme, the man was still in the subway station also had a suspicious move. “This man is a veteran, he devoted follower who wore short skirts, high heels, long hair, slim young women, and then wait for an opportunity for them to be obscene.” Police investigators said that if the man encountered particularly “interesting” women,louboutin paris, would have been trailing them to the living quarters.Through investigations on the way the police investigation of the case in the subway station and finally found the man on a clearer picture chart. August 13, police in the vicinity of the suspect under control this man home and seized his residence when the crime through the clothes and electric shock sticks and other items.Suspects: “fight like them because they are”According to the investigation.

with the suspect was not particularly tight, so all the way to the incident,louboutin femme, the victims have not found someone trailing behind.[Second from: 8 � 08 rape] After beating women into the elevator trailing violenceAfter only two weeks, August 8,toms, 2014, Wuhou police received a report again, and a woman said he on his way home,nike tn, was sexually assaulted.”The report said, was the man raped the victim. We have found that in this case the victim suspects provided information, and July 21 in the case of the man’s body characteristics and modus operandi is very similar.” Chengdu Public Security Bureau Wuhou Branch’s Criminal squadron leader Li Kun said, according to August 8 cases in the memories of the victims, suspects she also used beatings, threats and other means, “We have retrieved the day residential elevator monitoring suspect is still the way to follow the victim into the elevator. “You can see from the monitor where a 20-year-old man in the elevator violence assault victims.

the Sun sheriff found inside the wash room,chaussure tn pas cher, a Girls leaning on a woman face. Standing face to face with the girl of the moment,boutique louboutin, Sun sergeant saw the girl eyes showing a trace of helplessness. Sun sheriff walked wondering, always feel at ease, decided to return to inquire about the situation. At this point,christian louboutin pas cher, the woman still kept flapping face with cold water, the girls return to look at the situation to see the marshals, suddenly seems to say something, but then her tongue back. Sun Sergeant feel weird situation,air max femme, it took the initiative to ask, face to see the marshals very disturbed woman, hastily replied right all right. Girls seem to fear women will fall, and quickly stepped forward to hold the woman. Marshals to see what the girl’s tears streaming down, then repeatedly asked the girl finally asked for help: “! Policeman.