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talk about the most is, “You eat a few pieces of meat?” The children said, hungry, eat a bowl of rice, and then go to bed hungry.Carrying 100 pounds of potatoes to go to schoolWhen eating, Machang Township Center School of , push lightly Fanpen potato chips, “see if it is our home.””Your potatoes, how it would come to school?””Auntie, school (to eat) is not enough, we (boarders) have with potatoes and oil.”In Machang village, every household planted potatoes and rape, when the school year, parents and carry 100 pounds of potatoes, four pounds of edible vegetable oil (rapeseed squeezed out) report to the school.”Auntie, our house potatoes especially good, is to pick one out,air max pas cher pour homme, my dad said, small, blue can not get to school, I want to eat it at school.”Student Dan also getting in the way, “Auntie.

Wang Jun whispered hurriedly explained, “is the first two days.”I can not imagine he had the first two days of the.”1 meter 37,abercrombie france, others say small my head.” Wang Jun grabbed Fanpen, sparkling eyes looking at me,chaussure louboutin, but in the hard nose sniffing the smell of food, “I’m hungry.”A student a week to eat meat less than 2 twoMachang Township Center School has 294 students, 164 students live on campus, eat three meals a day at school.No school cafeteria, only a cook “meals” a small room. Before dinner, I went to turn the circle, dark in the house of the two big pot rack, two aunts are busy cutting potatoes, “big meat plus potatoes for dinner,barbour soldes, the following shall eat.”Aunt said large meat chopping board is a small pile of pork.”There are 10 pounds of it.””So many students.

this is where the meat enough?””It is not enough, but this is not every day.” To give every child can eat meat,woolrich, aunts thought of a way,barbour france, “10 pounds of fillet Chengding, down to the noodles, small is a small point,barbour soldes, all eat ah. “Soon, Wang Jun hit the dinner, a large bowl of hot noodles, soup in Fanpen shaking,christian louboutin discount, he counted floating diced, a look of satisfaction, “One, two, three,abercrombie france, four … aunt, you see, There are a good few of it. “I went to see Couguo between Fanpen chunks of potatoes, a few scattered small piece of meat, king singled out, like a treasure and want to eat.”Home for the weekend, you have the meat?””No, go back to eat potatoes.” Kou Wenjun students rushing to answer, “Auntie,parajumpers femme, we had meat to eat in the school for a week to eat two or three times.”All told, a child less than 2 two a week to eat meat.Scrape together a few children to eat.

the reporter with the Foundation for the cause of love, Zhejiang Chint Community Foundation, MBA Association, Zhejiang University, went to the national poverty counties in Ledu County, visiting impoverished schools’ student table. ” � reporter Zhang Wenhua text / photoApril 6 pm, Ledu County Machang Township, began years after the first snow.Snow plateau, there is a overwhelming momentum, Machang Township Center School, and soon became a vast expanse.5:00 in the evening, dinner ringtone suddenly sounded,christian louboutin sale, the kids hiding in seaweed like a fish, flowed from each classroom, with their Fanpen, toward the direction of the food.Children waiting in line, I saw a Wang Jun, not for anything else, because he was particularly thin.”The kids, the class a few years?””Eighth grade.” Look I’m a little shocked.

height and weight were significantly lower than the normal age children.Last year in May, the agency for student nutrition Qinghai, Yunnan, Guangxi, Ningxia four provinces of 12 rural boarding school to do a sample survey. Participate in the experience of 1458 students aged 10-13, the rate of nearly 12 percent growth retardation, low birth weight rate of 9%, 72% of the boarding students, there is hunger during school hours, the intake of vitamin C is almost zero …With the adjustment of the layout of rural education, boarding number of students increases, the financial lives of poor students at all levels of subsidies are not synchronized growth, which led to some local students have to reduce subsidies, poor rural students are quite prominent nutrition, growth and development slow and the high rate of anemia,abercrombie pas cher, is vividly called “nutritional poverty.”April 6.

or configuration according to the original amount, equivalent to two people Eat one meal, which students eat enough, but to let them bring their own point, so it can do to eat, can not eat. “An egg a day, would have been unthinkableIn Xiang Center School children’s minds, drink milk, egg eating days,moncler piumini, than the New Year but also hope.One day before going to school, caring career Foundation of Zhejiang specially prepared a gift for the kids: eggs, milk, apples.11:00, school cooked eggs, and milk,nike france, apple eleven to classroom distribution.Xue Xiang three-year measures, laughed for a long time in front of the egg, saw me and walked quickly hid the table holding the eggs, the students swarmed, he pulled out.I thought he was shy, embarrassed to eat in front of my face. Xue Hong measures or laugh, face two blocks Gaoyuanhong becoming increasingly apparent, “do not eat, eat to get back to my grandfather, my grandfather did not have eggs for a long time.””Then you eat milk and apples.””Milk for mom, apple to his brother.”Some students have been gobbled up, Xue Xiang measures glanced glances, swallow the saliva, from the bag and pulls out a steamed bun, which is a few days before he brought the hungry, he would bite a few mouthfuls,abercrombie italia, “What is milk taste I do not know, I want to eat,nike store, but to save the family to eat. “Zhang Fugui first day, quietly hiding the eggs, “Mom poor health.

my family’s potatoes are good.”Many children say, because they live on campus, took home the best potatoes singled out, try to get them to eat a little better,moncler, almost potatoes stay at home, “school (the plane) are not only in meat, potatoes also delicious than at home. “Cooked “meal” small room,basket louboutin, there are a few large pan of potatoes every day, many students are brought. Vice President Hu said the plot south, not to mention the school canteen, even a decent kitchen are not, no law cooked rice, cooked pasta and rice only.This is not his most worry about, “We the western mountains ah, many schools merge, the boarding students more than doubled, but financially poor students grants.